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I Just Want to Sleep!
Fandom: Stargate Atlantis
        Series: A Snippet from the Keri ‘verse (Pre Keri)
Characters/Pairing: Lorne/Parrish
Orientation: Slash
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 557

Notes: A quickie Happy Holidays for pinkmeltingpot

Prompt: Hurt Comfort Fill: “Insomnia”

“Evan, are you sick?” David stared across the table at him, eyeing the untouched breakfast tray in front of his panor’eten. When Evan didn’t answer, David frowned. “Evan? Sick?”

“Huh? No, no, just…” Lorne yawned broadly. “Just sleepy, keri just sleepy.” He picked up his fork and poked listlessly at his powdered egg and powdered cheese omelet.

At that, David pursed his lips and pointed his fork accusingly. “You haven’t been sleeping. And it isn’t because of anything I’m doing to keep you awake, because we haven’t had a romantic evening in weeks.”

Evan yawned again, covering his mouth and then rubbing his eyes with thumb and forefinger. “I’m sorry about that, David. I just haven’t been able to rouse myself to it.”

David nodded, he knew it was the inhibitors, the doctors had warned them of some of the side effects. This insomnia that his panor’eten seemed plagued with was a new symptom, one that was worrying him. Evan had been having headaches too. All the tossing and turning he did at night couldn’t be helping with those.

“Have you been to see Doctor Beckett?”

“No. It’s just a side effect.”

Dropping his fork, David leaned over the table and hissed at his lifemate, “Finish your breakfast. Then we’re going straight to the infirmary. I don’t like this, Evan, I don’t like this at all. We’re going to find another way; I can’t have you suffering like this on my account. You have to sleep. You cannot possibly function properly if you don’t get enough sleep.”

“I’ll be okay. It’ll just take some time to adjust to.”


Evan scrunched up his nose and pushed away the tray. “Bossy keri, I’m done.” He got up and started around the table.

With a low growl in his throat, David stuffed the last bite of his muffin into his mouth and grabbed Evan’s wrist in one hand while he stacked both of their trays and picked them up to take to the trash.

“Leggo, David.” Evan tried to tug his arm away, but David had a firm hold and was determined not to let go.

“When we get to the infirmary.”

Rubbing his eye with his free hand, Evan complained, “Oh, come on, David! I have work to do.”

In response, after dumping the trays, David tapped his earpiece. “Chuck, Major Lorne will be slightly late getting to the office, he’ll be in the infirmary.”

“Understood Doctor Parrish, nothing too serious, I hope.”

“That remains to be seen, thank you Chuck.”

Giving in to the inevitable, Evan toddled along as David led him to the infirmary. Beckett checked him over, scanned him, gave him the third degree and then gave him a shot.

David sat in the chair beside the gurney as Evan’s eyes drooped and then closed, despite his determination to stay awake.

“He’s having a hard time with the inhibitors, worse than I had anticipated,” Beckett said quietly as Evan’s breathing evened out and he started to snore lightly.

“I hope this is worth it. So many things could go wrong. I don’t like this, Doctor Beckett, not one bit.”

The doctor patted his shoulder. “Aye, I know. But it’s the only solution your panor’eten would accept. He’ll level out eventually. Don’t worry.”

David sagged back in the seat. “It’s my job to worry, Doctor Beckett.”

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