Jan. 16th, 2011

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Hi, so I had this idea - stolen from smallfandomfest, who has pimp your fandom each round. The idea is to introduce a fandom, who pairs who & where to do find the fic. For us it'll be pairings. Each month we'll dedicate to a pairing -note some smaller pairings will be shared with other pairings. The goal is to introduce and celebrate highlight a pairing.

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If a particular pairing has a separate comm group - I sent out an invites to Mods of different pairing comms (if I missed you, please let me know there is an open invite to all slash Lorne comms to participate), to let them know and if they'd like to open their own challenge on their comm – to generate fic, recs, discussion of their pairing- to create the challenge in any way they see fit, with a deadline on the month they chose. Where members then can x-post any fics, art, pics etc on their highlighted month. If you’re not a member of the comm of the highlighted pairing, and would rather not join the comm... No worries, you are welcomed to post on any given day within the month the pairing is highlighted. To add your own take of why you love that pairing, your recs, offer a fic etc, whatever you’d like to share.

This goes double if you have a Lorne pairing that you love and adore, but there is no comm. Here’s an opportunity to find other fans of the pairing, to introduce that pairing, and what people might be missing – let writers know there is an audience (you!) for that pairing, how you’d adore if they gave your pairing a chance. For smaller pairings one month we will celebrate all misc SGA pairings ie: Lorne/Chuck, Lorne/Ford, Lorne/Beckett etc. Another month will highlight SG1 pairings: Lorne/Cam, Lorne/Daniel, Lorne/Jack etc… same with Xover pairings, and 3-4some pairings.

So over the course of the next 10 months everyone should have a chance to post something, to highlight/introduce their pairing. At the end of each month I hope to have a masterlist of recs, then a grand masterlist at the end of the year.

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