Feb. 2nd, 2011

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Title:Second Chances
Fandom: Stargate Atlantis
Warnings: none
Summary:When the news that DADT is repealed reach Atlantis, Sheppard makes a discovery he's not too happy about because finding out that your best friend lied to you is never pretty.
Disclaimer: SGA and all its character’s and places belong to Robert Cooper and Joseph Mallozzi. Also, I have no intend to make any money with this. This fic is purely for fun.
A/N: As promised this is the sequel to my earlier (and first ever) Lorne/Ronon story Dress Blues

Read it here
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Pairing schedule:

February- Lorne/Sheppard February
March- Lorne/ALL misc SGA pairings (ie: Lorne/Beckett etc...
April- Lorne/Parrish
May- Lorne/McKay
June- Lorne/ALL misc Xover pairings ie Lorne/Colby, Lorne/Dean Winchester
July- Lorne/Ronon
August- 3-4somes
September- Kavanagh
October- Lorne/ALL misc SG1 pairings (ie: Lorne/Cam, Lorne/Jack etc...)
November- Lorne/Zelenka

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First, please do not contact your recipient, and let them know you are writing for them - part of the fun is the surprise. Though you may not mind being spoiled, your recipient might...

Second, I have made a couple of faux pas in the matching, if you feel the same please contact me so I can try & rectify this. Part of the challenge and fun is to write for someone, but if its no fun for you, it'll come across to your recipient - or you might get too frustrated & drop out- I'd like to avoid this on both fronts - I'd like people to be excited, feel challenged, and bask in the squee from their recipient when its posted...

Anyhoo please contact privately if you feel I mismatched you. We're only a couple of days in, so realistically we have time to make a better match, yes? Email me at Denyce36 @ yahoo .com (no spaces & please put mismatched fic exchange in the subject line)



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