Apr. 4th, 2011

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Hmm, another attack? I don't know what's going on over there, but if you can see/post over there some people can. Please post and tell them to come over to DW as an alternate.

Our Fic exchange is due to post this coming weekend however because of LJ being unstable posting here might end up be the alternative...

Anyhoo if anyone wants to reach me, you can through DW or email me privately: denyce36(at)yahoo.com or denyce36(at)gmail.com

Thank you!!!!
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Hi Everyone,

LJ seems to be having more problems - though apparently not for everyone. I'm one who has been having problems for over a week staying connected/being able to post. Apologizes for not addressing this sooner, contacting others who might not be having the same problems.

Please know when I can I'll be catching up to PIMPING_Lorne a post that finishes up March & introduces April with Lorne/Parrish. However if you see this and he's your pairing and you can post, please do and share the love.

If you're like me and can see, but can't post/respond without getting time out- please hop on over to: http://slashing-lorne.dreamwidth.org/

Also know I'm addressing the issue for the fic exchange if the problem continues.

If you don't see a post from me, please check over on Dreamwidth's slashing_lorne comm, or email me privately at: denyce36(at)yahoo(dot)com or denyce36(at)gmail(dot)com for any concerns & thank you for your patience. Also big thanks to [livejournal.com profile] jayfray18 for posting this =)

Ta Denyce
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First, wee I'm actually logged in ;) Second another big {{Thank you}} to [livejournal.com profile] jayfray18 for posting earlier today.

Okay, I haven't heard back from everyone {for those participating in the exchanged I emailed all of you this morning}. Anyhoo from those who responded, a few things were made clear.

-Most of you are ready, but a good handful need some wiggle room. I know it wasn’t going to go this way, but let's change things up hopefully this will be workable for all concerned...

Everyone's that's finished right now, and as soon as you are finished go ahead and email me your completed fic. Posting will start on Friday as scheduled, only I'll post for you (this way the author of the fic will remain a mystery to the recipient – allowing people to guess who you are) and I'll stagger the fics out for a week posting 2-3 fics each day {starting April 8th thru April 15th} giving those that need the wiggle room with the final posts on April 15th. On Sunday April 17th I'll post a masterlist with the reveal of each gifter/recipient.

When I post I’ll be posting on both LJ’s Slashing_Lorne and on DW’s Slashing_Lorne, this way if LJ is having a problem you can read/give FB to any entry.

I hope this will solve any problems. Any questions please ask & if I don’t respond in a timely manner here on LJ please contact me privately.

Please email me your fics and ask your questions here at: denyce36(at) yahoo.com or denyce36(at) gmail.com ((Also please put slashing_lorne/Fic exchange in your subject line – thank you!))

Please note this is also being sent out privately to all fic exchange participants =)


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