Nov. 23rd, 2011

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For the good or bad, depending on your where you stand on the subject - I'm back!

What happened is behind the cut )

Though things are not perfect they’re getting better – I’m making them better, and near the top of my list of things I’m extremely grateful for is, YOU! Fandom, this comm and our continued love for Lorne.

Now on to business… This weekend I’ll be going through to check and add tags that need them. Also round up/post the Summer of Lorne masterlist (advance, thank you's go out to everyone that participated- especially those that continued on after I went mia)

Challenges- 12 days of Lorne, yes? A poll will follow, but I hope there’s some interest and excitement. Arg, I need to leave for work in a few minutes. Today/tomorrow/Friday is lots of craziness, but the weekend is mine. If you have any questions, concerns, complaints please address them here.

For those that celebrate – Happy Thanksgiving, and everyone else Happy Thursday – I ‘m raising my glass of cheer and thankfulness to ALL of you =)
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I was thinking of maybe tweaking 12days a bit to post an open wish list- meaning anyone can post a wish list of 5-10 items that's Lorne related in any media (fic prompts, icons, graphics, etc) then if you’re capable of fulfilling a wish to post it during the 12days. I'm thinking similar to insmallpackages and Fall fandom Free-For-All.

Ie of wishes:
I'd love a couple of Lorne/Ronon icons
A Lorne wallpaper with ?? lyrics on it
Fic: Ronon/Lorne 1st Christmas on Earth
A Lorne colorbar
Team fic: someone throws and hits Lorne in the face with a snowball
A set of stock icons all to do with painting
A set of icons with Lorne quotes etc...
A list of Parrish/Lorne 1st time fics

Get the idea. It's not a prompt fest in that you don't have to post your wishes, nor does anyone have to grant your wish - this is just if one can and is inspired to grant your wish... where most unless the wish indicated differently (ie a personalized icon) otherwise would be sharable to all. Let me know what you think =)

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