Nov. 26th, 2011

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Okay by poll #s for those who voted a definite yes on 12days and a maybe on wishes as people want to know more.

& yes apologies as this is a rushed post (have to work again today). Don't want to wait as I’m hoping we can have some conversations and make decisions as quickly as possible so people can get started asap \o/

So there seems to be a few wish communities, I've only participated in [ profile] insmallpackages and Fall Fandom Free-For-All. My thought was I'd write up a wish post and people would respond in comments with their wishes - Now I can lock it so all wishes remain hidden then by a certain date create a post with just the wishes so the wisher would be anonymous. Why? So no one would know who they are granting a wish for, so the wish is granted because the giver is capable of granting that wish or that they were inspired by the prompt.

Or I can leave it open so everyone can see the wishes and fulfill a wish if they can.

In both cases, I can see that it’s possible some wishes may not be fulfilled. What I didn't want was to put pressure on people that all wishes have to be filled - I'd like this to be pressure free for everyone. So regardless of how we work it, please be aware if you make a wish be prepared it may or may not be fulfilled and that it’s not a reflection on you. Hopefully even if the wish isn’t yours, you'd still appreciate and love all the wishes granted that's shared by ALL.

Other Questions:
Do you have to post a wish list in order to participate, fulfill a wish? No
Do you have to grant a wish if you post a wish list? No
Do you have to claim a wish? No. I think if two or more people are excited and inspired by a wish they should just go for it—everyone’s going to have their own pov and think it fun to see different sides of the same prompt. Though if you want, we can have people say they might be fulfilling the wish – will add this q to the poll.
If I grant a wish, how do I post- Simple any time during the 12days. It’s open to your preference: you can link back to your journal or if you prefer to remain anonymous, lmk and I’ll post it for you.

I think this is a great opportunity for all the lurkers to write a wish list. There is a core group of active writers/artists and that's great, but one thing I'm sure we all have in common: wanting to have activity and people interested in our work. This could be your time to say what you'd like to see (pairings/prompts, icons, vids, recs, other graphics... the sky's the limit as long as it's Lorne related =) If the vote it for the wishes to be open, but you’d rather remain anonymous then just email me your wishes and I’ll post them for you.

How do the wishes relate with 12days? The 12 days of Lorne is another pressure free challenge- simply post something Lorne related every day leading up to Christmas. I'll post dates and ask people to sign up to lead that day - again its very lax a lead person can post anything from a drabble, to a pic spam, a wallpaper, to an epic fic... it's just a matter that someone posts something on that day - yet its not limited and a dozen people can post something on any day.

Now with wishes - I'd like people to post their granted wishes during this time. Otherwise there are no official: assigned dates, exchanges, or claiming.

Also note you can double-dip write one drabble that fits a wish and also post/lead for 12days. This includes any other holiday challenge you might have signed up for – and I have no problem with you posting it on another comm first then posting here (if it’s within the same day).

Again it’s pressure free and hopefully a fun challenge with the single goal to create more Lorne media.

Did I miss something? You have a better idea, have a concern, something isn't quite clear… Please ask and lmk. However right now I have to get going, but I will be home later tonight and home all day tomorrow =)

ETA: Poll will close Monday at 9 pm PST

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