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Summer of Lorne Fest-04, Claims are Open \o/

Lots of prompts added, and yes I did recycled the unused prompts from last year. Please note I will confirm your claim as quickly as I can and will do my best to be online every morning and every evening throughout the fest =)

Rules/Info. If you have any questions, please ask here

Remember this is a low stress challenge with only 1 goal to create more Lorne centered media and HAVE FUN!!!! Okay ready, set, go...

Lorne -Usually Sheppard or McKay gets turned into something. Lorne never thought it would happen to him.
Lorne -Atlantis is always full of surprises
Lorne -used to be a gymnast and uses those talents to the shock of others.
Lorne/His Team: When the Team perceives a threat to their Major just what will they do to protect him?
Lorne – is in jail. Justly or unjustly accused?
Lorne – favorite food, and the lengths he goes to get it (or replacement) in Pegasus

Author’s choice slash pairing
Lorne/any Scientist - Defenestration
Lorne/author's choice - Lorne starts having hallucination

Lorne/author’s choice- penguins (grabby hands can be anything penguin related)
Lorne/author’s choice- Doppelganger tag) Lorne was infected by Heightmeyer from a prior counseling

Lorne/author's choice- Lorne’s in the wrong place at the right time or the right place at the wrong time.
Lorne/author’s choice- a day at Pride
Lorne/author’s choice- protesting California’s Prop 8
Lorne/author's choice - chocolate body paint
Lorne/author's choice - any port in the storm
Lorne/author's choice - Back on Earth, someone is assassinating everyone ever associated with the SG program. It's not just a small number; dozens are dead before the alert even goes up. Car bombs, drive byes, one scientist found floating in his own fishtank. By the time Lorne reaches Earth for R&R, there are only a handful left and they are on the run.
Lorne/author’s choice- Lorne proving to anyone that he earned his posting as Sheppard's SiC or that he's an experienced gate team member
Lorne/author’s choice – People who have the gene naturally develop superpowers.
Lorne/author’s choice – Lorne joins Sheppard’s team or takes over for a ‘supposedly’ routine mission. The planet they go to is a cousin of Satedan’s people and they want to repopulate the Satedan race by any means necessary. After forcibly procuring Ronon’s sperm they allow him to leave with a gift, a team member pregnant with his child. Team member may or may not be paired with Ronon- maybe go into a 3some?
Lorne/author’s choice – someone has a thing for Evan in his dress blues/and or DOGTAGS!
Lorne/author’s choice – how about an explanation for that tattoo?
Lorne/author’s choice – BDSM, Lorne as a dom or as a sub
Lorne/author’s choice, Can I paint you?
Lorne/author’s choice, Target Practice
Lorne/author’s choice, drowning in paperwork
Lorne/author's choice: Lorne's art wins a major prize and he is torn between staying with the SGC and his art.
Lorne/author's choice: Lorne as a fairy tale character (Possibly a crossover with Once Upon a Time)
Lorne/author's choice: brink of death
Lorne/author’s choice: double trouble
Lorne/author’s choice: public humiliation
Lorne/author’s choice: a blade
Lorne/author’s choice: beads
Lorne/author's choice: Lorne is a race car driver
Lorne/author's choice - infidelity
Lorne/author's choice - finding the courage to ask for a first date
Lorne/author's choice - room service
Lorne/author's choice - breaking up is hard to do
Lorne/author's choice (multiple) - spin the bottle

Lorne/Any Vampire, Kiss me, Kill me.

Carson Beckett
Lorne/Beckett - cranky patient
Lorne/Beckett- playing Doctor
Lorne/Beckett - established relationship, domestic
Lorne/Beckett - earthside
Lorne/Beckett - discovering Carson is alive

Steven Caldwelll Lorne/Caldwell - various encounters over the eps Caldwell appears in
Lorne/Caldwell- when they first met, they both lied and used alias names

Lorne/Chuck - Chuck wonders why Lorne gambles so much
Lorne/Chuck - Safely home
Lorne/Chuck -message boy, blushing
Lorne/Chuck- 'monitoring your frequency'
Lorne/Chuck- don't piss off the gatetechs
Lorne/Chuck – voyeurism
Lorne/Chuck - first date
Lorne/Chuck - fetish
Lorne/Chuck - coming out to everyone
Lorne/Chuck: Chuck finds out the Major has a submissive personality
Lorne/Chuck: evil chuck! ((Yeah, I might steal my own prompt muwahaha))
Lorne/Chuck: somebody is kinky
Lorne/Chuck - Chuck wins Lorne in a bet
Lorne/Chuck - blackmail
Lorne/Chuck - procurement

Aiden Ford
Lorne/Ford- first-time
Lorne/Ford- Ford saves Lorne’s life

Peter Kavanagh
Lorne/Kavanagh - Lorne gets stuck on Midway with Kav
Lorne/Kavanagh – childish
Lorne/Kavanagh - (SG verse), (episode tag-There But For The Grace Of God) As the young airman and scientist deal with the invading Goa'uld, they take a bold stand against the invading forces to assist in Daniel Jackson's escape.
Lorne/Kavanagh - keeping you out of trouble
Lorne/Kavanagh - haircut

Rodney McKay
Lorne/McKay – Watercolours.
Lorne/McKay – Rebound.
Lorne/McKay – Silence.
Lorne/Rodney - A relationship with the man is like merry-go-round, just close your eyes and hang on!
Lorne/McKay- Shipwrecked (or Jumper-wrecked)
Lorne/McKay - picking up the pieces
Lorne/McKay- Surprisingly, there is one place McKay doesn't bed. This freaks Lorne out, because he's kinda of gotten used to it.
Lorne/McKay - Annoyance leads to attraction.
Lorne/McKay- Lorne's not always on the rescue team
Lorne/McKay, Rodney discovers they have something in common
Lorne/Mckay- Rodney’s the first to notice and saves Lorne when he has a anaphylaxis reaction to something he ate ie seafood?
Lorne/McKay- trapped in the past
Lorne/McKay- dancing at a wedding, theirs or someone else's
Lorne/McKay- with one of their family
Lorne/McKay--Rug burn
Lorne/McKay – allergies: Rodney saves Evan
Lorne/McKay (Tabula Rasa) - unveiling secret attraction
Lorne/McKay, Lorne/Sheppard--Sheppard & McKay's competition heats up with Lorne as the prize
Lorne/McKay - Rodney plays piano for Evan
Lorne/McKay - Evan cleans Rodney's quarters
Lorne/McKay - Smirk and Snark
Lorne/McKay - discovery
Lorne/McKay - jealousy
Lorne/McKay - stars
Lorne/McKay - downtime/vacation (brownie points for a trip to a Disney theme park!)

Lorne/Michael - Michael enjoys the way Lorne looks when he winces from pain.
Lorne/Michael - To keep Michael's wraith personality hidden, he needs a focus, something that grounds his new personality. Lorne volunteers to be his 'sponsor'. Lt. Kenmore thinks they are a lot more than friends.
Lorne/Michael - Stockholm Syndrome

David Parrish
Lorne/Parrish – I’ve Never Kissed anyone Taller than me.
Lorne/Parrish – Target Practice.
Lorne/Parrish – Truth Roofies!
Lorne/Parrish - Parrish finds a painting of himself that Lorne has done, and confronts him about it.
Lorne/Parrish – Flexible.
Lorne/Parrish – Fast Cars.
Lorne/Parrish – Breakfast in Bed.
Lorne/Parrish – Whoops.
Lorne/Parrish - Lorne volunteers to sketch the local flora
Lorne/Parrish - night watch
Lorne/Parrish - doubt
Lorne/Parrish - Earthside
Lorne/Parrish- Lorne is always calm and in control; David wants to push him over the edge
Lorne/Parrish- Any post-season 5
Lorne/Parrish- AMTDI
Lorne/Parrish- What's this button do?
Lorne/Parrish a moment together pre or post Parrish's trip to mainland in Remnants (maybe some hint of Lorne's conversation with Sheppard)
Lorne/Parrish Parrish returns to Atlantis after some time on earth at the SGC and Lorne welcomes him home
Lorne/Parrish- caught in a "moment" by Sheppard or Rodney think they are "outed" but find out everyone already knew
Lorne/Parrish- allergies
Lorne/Parrish--dog days of summer
Lorne/Parrish--tree sap
Lorne/Parrish--beard contest (lol, I mean they grow beards)
Lorne/Parrish--Winning the Pegasus lottery
Lorne/Parrish - swimming with dolphins
Lorne/Parrish - dealing with a rash
Lorne/Parrish - "Where flowers bloom so does hope." - Lady Bird Johnson
Lorne/Parrish - "You haven't seen a tree until you've seen its shadow from the sky." — Amelia Earhart
Lorne/Parrish - Parrish accidentally gives Lorne a plant with some unusual side effects
Lorne/Parrish - Lorne is trying desperately to ignore his crush on his botanist. Sheppard gives him some advice. (Bonus points for it being the worst, most emotionally stunted advice ever)
Lorne/Parrish - They team up to play matchmaker for their best friends, but the only love match they end up with is their own.
Lorne/Parrish – MPREG – this time it’s Lorne that gets knocked up
Lorne/Parrish: allergic
Lorne/Parrish: Rule 43 (The more beautiful and pure a thing is, the more satisfying it is to corrupt it)
Lorne/Parrish: Relationship upgrade
Lorne/Parrish: Lorne always hides
Lorne/Parrish: It doesn't have to be your pain to bear alone
Lorne/Parrish: "I was raised by plants."
Lorne/Parrish: On the run
Lorne/Parrish: "You can't refuse Recognition. No one can."
Lorne/Parrish: How they get back to Pegasus
Lorne/Parrish: Crack!fic, please. They are sadly lacking in it.
Lorne/Parrish, Love Me
Lorne/Parrish, lost and alone
Lorne/Parrish, sunflowers
Lorne/Parrish, Parrish's Thigh Holster
Lorne/Parrish, shaking
Lorne/Parrish, We Grow it in the Greenhouses
Lorne/Parrish, Hurt
Lorne/Parrish, I can't breathe
Lorne/Parrish - prisoner in a dungeon
Lorne/Parrish - prostitution
Lorne/Parrish - torture
Lorne/Parrish – spanking
Lorne/Parrish - possession is 9/10ths of the law
Lorne/Parrish - Evan is boring everyone by talking about Parrish all the time
Lorne/Parrish, Mitchell/Jackson - outside looking in

Ladon Radim
Lorne/Radim - Ladon has captured Lorne. He wants to know Atlantis' secrets and he needs someone who can give them to him. In return, he makes the man an offer he can't refuse.
Lorne/Radim - POW
Lorne/Radim - Security risk

Lt. Reed
Lorne/Reed - bondage/sweat/heat
Lorne/Reed--Following orders

Ronon Dex
Lorne/Dex - war stories
Lorne/Dex - outlet for post-mission adrenaline
Lorne/ Dex - A bacterial brain infection sets off a mating instinct in Ronon. Neanderthal Ronon, on the hunt, captures Lorne, makes him his beta.
Lorne/ Dex - All out war breaks loose in the Pegasus and Milkyway Galaxies. Resources are thin, so a rescue mission on the far edge of the galaxy is out of the question. Lorne and Ronon must find their way back on their own.
Lorne/Dex – predator
Lorne/Dex – Sparring.
Lorne/Dex – Stunned.
Lorne/Dex – Tattoo.
Lorne/Dex - Lorne is clueless about Ronon's attraction to him
Lorne/Dex - chocolate
Lorne/Dex – PTSD
Lorne/Dex - While off world, Lorne must pretend to be Ronon's Master in order to get them out in one piece; in doing so they discover that it's not so much of an act.
Lorne/Dex - While Sheppard's team have to rescue Lorne's for a change, Ronon discovers a secret about Lorne that is a very welcome surprise (sub!Lorne).
Lorne/Dex - BDSM AU, when Ronon joins Atlantis he must have a dominant take him under their wing in order for the IOA to accept his presence. Since Lorne is the highest ranking unattached dom he takes the responsibility, Ronon is secretly very happy about the turn of events.
Lorne/Dex - Ronon grows wings. Because he's discovers an obsession for them, Lorne is the only one to figure out the pain they're causing Ronon and while helping relieve the muscle strain they discover it's not just the wings. Dom!Lorne enjoys taking care of his boy.
Lorne/Dex - the one where Lorne finds out that Ronon frequents a gay bar
Lorne/Dex - the one where Lorne trades a painting for advanced survival training
Lorne/Dex - the one where 'shirts vs. skins' takes on a whole new meaning
Lorne/Dex - Depending upon one another.
Lorne/Dex- battle scars, H/C
Lorne/Dex- art appreciation, off-world
Lorne/Dex- San Francisco, angst
Lorne/Dex- missing-in-action, healing
Lorne/Dex- Ronon makes it up to Evan for stunning him.
Lorne/Dex- Lorne ends up captured with the others, and juiced up on the enzymes
Lorne/Dex- biker Ronon wants a tattoo
Lorne/Dex- Lorne discovers Ronon has body art in places previously unseen.
Lorne/Dex- children’s game adults play
Lorne/Dex- surfing
Lorne/Dex- Lorne discovers Ronon has body art in places previously unseen.
Lorne/Dex- Ronon doesn’t stop someone from flirting with him and this pisses Lorne off
Ronon settle on Earth
Lorne/Dex- a day at Pride
Lorne/Dex- Ronon runs a health club, Lorne is its newest member.
Lorne/Dex- a device turns Lorne into girl!Lorne, initially unable to fix it Lorne finds it easier to flirt show his attraction to Ronon- but has a difficult time when he’s switched back-Ronon doesn’t.
Lorne/Dex - the damage is done
Lorne/Dex - it's been too long
Lorne/Dex - Morning rituals
Lorne/Dex - First time
Lorne/Dex – Apples
Lorne/Dex -Still waters run deep
Lorne/Dex -It's Ronon's first year anniversary as part of the Atlantis staff. He wants to celebrate in true Satedan style.
Lorne/Dex - Cooking (Bonus points if you get Ronon in an apron!)
Lorne/Dex- How does Ronon react when someone else begins paying attention to Lorne (slash or gen) (First time or established relationship)
Lorne/Dex - Lorne claims his man
Lorne/Dex - leather pants
Lorne/Dex - Sedesta rituals
Lorne/Dex - body-painting on each other
Lorne/Dex – vacation
Lorne/Dex, Hair
Lorne/Dex, Knife
Lorne/Dex, Sunset
Lorne/Dex: What if Lorne had found Ronon in Runner, rather than Sheppard?

Dave Sheppard
Lorne/Dave Sheppard--Evan can't be with John, so he settles for a one-night stand with John's brother.

John Sheppard
Lorne/Sheppard - morning meetings
Lorne/Sheppard - aliens had nothing to do with it
Lorne/Sheppard - Dom!Lorne, Sub!John - John's been abused by (a) Dom(s) in the past, Evan takes care of John
Lorne/Sheppard and/or Mitchell – Dress Uniform.
Lorne/Sheppard - after "Coup d'Etat"
Lorne/Sheppard - lazy day on the pier/beach on the mainland
Lorne/Sheppard- (episode tag-Common Ground) Sheppard has night terrors after his experience; Lorne finds an uncommon way to help.
Lorne/Sheppard- (episode tag-Rising) author’s choice, but closets can be fun!
Lorne/Sheppard- every time McKay hooks up with another woman, Sheppard gets weird. Lorne decides to do something about it.
Lorne/Sheppard- fun in a puddlejumper
Lorne/Sheppard- stranded, first time
Lorne/Sheppard- oblivious Lorne, puddle jumper
Lorne/Sheppard - overprotective CO
Lorne/Sheppard- Lorne needs someone who can understand him.
Lorne/Sheppard- zipup shirt of hot, I don't understand
Lorne/Sheppard- "Major, please explain", oops
Lorne/Sheppard- tulle skirts, manly men
Lorne/Sheppard -cheesy lines, orly?
Lorne/Sheppard -Queen(s)
Lorne/Sheppard -manipulation, subtle
Lorne/Sheppard -keeping him in line, orders
Lorne/Sheppard Team Lorne! Rescues team Shep from an embarrassing situation, fluffyness ensues.
Lorne/Sheppard "Love in an elevator" do transporters count?
Lorne/Sheppard or /Mitchell WWII Americans in the RAF
Lorne/Sheppard- chain of command.
Lorne/Sheppard- first date
Lorne/Sheppard- John has never been with a man before but he wants his 2ic, and asks Evan to teach him.
Lorne/Sheppard- new experiences
Lorne/Sheppard- first time they met- prior to Atlantis
Lorne/Sheppard- Lorne gets shot protecting Sheppard
Lorne/Sheppard- game of poker winner takes all
Lorne/Sheppard- After taking Carson home, both men are feeling guilty for turning down his offer to go fishing,
they end up on the same balcony one night and end up in bed together.
Lorne/Sheppard- Lorne first time w/ a male.
Lorne/Sheppard- Rich boy/poor boy
Lorne/Sheppard – backseat driver
Lorne/Sheppard - stranded offworld
Lorne/Sheppard- When Sheppard hears he could be losing his second in command how does he react?
Lorne/Sheppard- When Lorne is injured off world Sheppard realizes how much work Lorne does around Atlantis
Lorne/Sheppard- Early season 2 or 3 Sheppard has been treating Lorne as if he's a newbie when he comes to Atlantis but Lorne proves to him that he was going through the gate while Sheppard was still fighting in Afghanistan
*Lorne/McKay, Lorne/Sheppard--Sheppard & McKay's competition heats up with Lorne as the prize
Lorne/Sheppard - Atlantis is not the first time they've met
Lorne/Sheppard - last week in Atlantis before Evan is promoted and transferred to his own command
Lorne/Sheppard – Flip it, Evan’s the Colonel, John’s the Major
Lorne/Sheppard – AU – firemen or paramedics
Lorne/Sheppard – AU – one is a vet, the other brings a pet in
Lorne/Sheppard - Sheppard wants to be Lorne's sub but is unsure how to tell him
Lorne/Sheppard - sex in Sheppard's favorite jumper
Lorne/Sheppard - coming home to him
Lorne/Sheppard, "kneel for me."
Lorne/Sheppard, "yes, Sir"
Lorne/Sheppard: waking up in chains
Lorne/Sheppard, fantasy
Lorne/Sheppard, desk-job
Lorne/Sheppard, amnesia
Lorne/Sheppard, secret
Lorne/Sheppard, are we there yet?
Lorne/Sheppard, running on empty
Lorne/Sheppard, the last tether
Lorne/Sheppard - promotion
Lorne/Sheppard - spying/voyeurism
Lorne/Sheppard - accidentally or intentionally coming out post-DADT
Lorne/Sheppard - submission
Lorne/Sheppard – relax
Lorne/Sheppard, John is a scientist, Lorne is a soldier. Atlantis needs them both
Lorne/Sheppard - sex pollen fuck

Lorne/Todd - the final battle - the Atlantean 'hive' vs. a bad guy of your choice

Radek Zelenka
Lorne/Zelenka – Claustrophobia.
Lorne/Zelenka - things that can be seen
Lorne/Zelenka- Telepathy
Lorne/Zelenka- What does this button do?
Lorne/Zelenka- Their story in the Vegas AU
Lorne/Zelenka - keeping the secret is getting more difficult
Lorne/Zelenka: Evan takes Radek to a baseball game
Lorne/Zelenka: Radek takes Evan on a backpacking trip in Europe
Lorne/Zelenka: Radek attempts to teach Evan how to count cards
Lorne/Zelenka: Evan takes his nephews to a waterpark and drags Radek along
Lorne/Zelenka: Radek introduces Evan to his sister
Lorne/Zelenka: Evan thinks they're exclusive, Radek doesn't; Evan gets jealous and lets Radek know it
Lorne/Zelenka: Evan is the scientist and Radek is in the military
Lorne/Zelenka: Radek goes off world with Evan's team and gets a really bad sunburn in places you don't usually get burned
Lorne/Zelenka - healing wounds, old and new
Lorne/Zelenka - Zelenka takes Lorne along to a science conference
Lorne/Zelenka - shaving
Lorne/Zelenka - sharing a tradition
Lorne/Zelenka - finding a new kink
Lorne/Zelenka - "Generally, this happens to SGA-1"
Lorne/Zelenka - The one where Zelenka is taken into protective custody and Lorne is assigned to watch him
Lorne/Zelenka - The one where Lorne would do anything to get on the hockey team
Lorne/Zelenka - unexpected perks of being 2IC
Lorne/Zelenka - stress relief
Lorne/Zelenka - lost spectacles
Lorne/Zelenka: Who knew losing at chess could be so fun?
Lorne/Zelenka: He's not sure this is what Sheppard meant when he recommended cozying up to McKay's second.
Lorne/Zelenka: (episode tag-Sunday) When Zelenka accidentally knocks over Lorne's Atlantis painting into the water. He discovers that fun with paints and make up sex is key.
Lorne/Zelenka hidden talents
Lorne/Zelenka shore leave
Lorne/Zelenka caught in a "moment" by Sheppard or Rodney think they are "outed" but find out everyone already knew
Lorne/Zelenka- games
Lorne/Zelenka: (episode tag-The Long Goodbye, alternate version) The pair are taken over by the waring aliens Phebus & Thalen.
Lorne/Zelenka, late night in the lab
Lorne/Zelenka, tradesman kink
Lorne/Zelenka: drunken revels (or reveals)
Lorne/Zelenka - play the game

Author’s choice
Lorne/multiple other characters (author's choices): People start comparing notes and come to the realization that Lorne really gets around; wackiness ensues.
Lorne/McKay/(author's choice) - Lorne & McKay team up to make someone's night.
Lorne/?/? – anything from established to first-time
Lorne/?/?/? - off world ‘they make ‘em do it’ trope
Lorne/Sheppard/author's choice - comparing notes

Lorne/Ronon/Zelenka- spanking
Lorne/Sheppard/Ronon- spanking
Lorne/Sheppard/Jackson, f*cking Ancients
Lorne/Jackson/Mitchell, digs

Lorne/Parrish/Tesla – crossover – Evan is seeing double

Lorne/Parrish/Zelenka, He likes them smart

Lorne/Sheppard/Mitchell - 4th of July
Lorne/Sheppard/Mitchell - I really need a prompt other than those 3 together? :) author’s choice
Lorne/Sheppard/Mitchell- Cam comes for a visit, only to find Lorne and Sheppard in bed together, he decides to join them.
Lorne/Sheppard/Mitchell - catching up during "The Return", bottom!John please
Lorne/Sheppard/Mitchell - Lorne feels lucky to be in a relationship with two sexy men
Lorne/Sheppard/Mitchell, Flyboys
Lorne/Mitchell/Sheppard, tripod
Lorne/Mitchell/Sheppard, race you to the bottom
Lorne/Mitchell/Sheppard, drunken shenanigans

Lorne/Sheppard/McKay--It's Evan's birthday, time to play "Pin the Tail on the Scientist"
Lorne/Sheppard/McKay--Fun with food
*Lorne/McKay, Lorne/Sheppard--Sheppard & McKay's competition heats up with Lorne as the prize

Lorne/Dex/Sheppard- warrior bonding via sex.
Lorne/Dex/Sheppard - Stranded on an alien planet where you're either owned or own, in order to keep each other safe the three make a decision to fit in. They eventually realized it's not actually a hardship.
Lorne/Dex/Sheppard - Lorne and Ronon have been together for a while, but things are awkward, both being dominant creates tension in their relationship, it gets resolved accidentally when they're stranded with Sheppard for a few days and discover the answer was under their nose all along.

Lorne/Carson/Keller, Doctors and Nurses

Lorne/Sheppard/Cadman- AMTDI, Cadman pegging Lorne, Sheppard realizes he's attracted, eventually leads to threesome on Atlantis.

Lorne/Sheppard/Carter – Chain of Command.

Lorne/McKay/Carter--McKay to Lorne: "She'll only sleep with me if she watches you & I first."
Lorne/McKay/Carter- (SG1) episode Road Not Taken, Lorne lied he Rodney/Sam were heavily involved

Lorne/McKay/Weir- despite Rodney’s statistics they make it work

Lorne/Sheppard/Teyla--Athosian oysters make you do weird things

Stargateverse Xovers
Author's choice
Lorne/SG-1 – take any SG-1 mission and insert Lorne into the team as a replacement for someone else

Paul Davis
Lorne/Davis - a storage cupboard at the SGC
Lorne/Davis - on a deserted beach by moonlight.
Lorne/ Davis - Conference Room table at the SGC!
Lorne/Davis - Who’s in charge?/Who's the ranking officer?
Lorne/Davis - Paul's first trip through the gate
Lorne/Paul Davis: Davis arrives in Atlantis and Lorne is his tour guide
Lorne/Paul Davis: Davis had always had a crush on Lorne but how does he handle it when he is assigned to Atlantis as a diplomat/leading a negotiation team?

Daniel Jackson
Lorne/Jackson - An episode tag to 'Enemy Mine'
Lorne/Jackson - When Daniel takes over as civilian head of Atlatnis, Lorne finally finds a dom who really understands him.
Lorne/Jackson (First Contact/Lost Tribe) - lost love
Lorne/Jackson - Angels/Demons
Lorne/Jackson - Lorne left someone behind because he had his orders and their relationship didn't exist in the eyes of his commanders.
Lorne/Jackson - the Rising reboot - Col. Lorne, Maj. Sheppard, Drs. Jackson and McKay - how different would things be?
Lorne/Jackson - all-too-brief visits
Lorne/Jackson - episode tag for "Enemy Mine," getting to know each other
Lorne/Jackson - visiting Atlantis, tour guide
Lorne/Jackson - Rescued him during the Unas mine battle.
Lorne/Jackson - Lorne has had a secret for years, others are about to find out what, or more like whom.
Lorne/Jackson - Daniel teaches Lorne to speak the Unas language
Lorne/Jackson (SG-1 Absolute Power) - Evan is Daniel's security chief
Lorne/Jackson (SG-1 Forever In a Day) - Evan convinces Daniel to return to SG-1

Cameron Mitchell
Lorne/Mitchell - Fun with a motorcycle!
Lorne/Mitchell – NASCAR
Lorne/Mitchell--A roll in the hay
Lorne/Mitchell - Working out the long distance thing.
Lorne/Mitchell (Road Not Taken) - secret love
Lorne/Mitchell -- What is it like to have a city love you?
Lorne/Mitchell -- On vacation
Lorne/Mitchell - comfort sex
Lorne/Mitchell- the good old days, we should know better
Lorne/Mitchell - long distance
Lorne/Mitchell - perfect gentleman
Lorne/Mitchell - their first meeting
Lorne/Mitchell, blue eyes
Lorne/Mitchell, Cam sees Lorne's gene in action for the first time
Lorne/Mitchell, Laura Cadman. "Ask him out, already!"
Lorne/Mitchell - Mitchell surprises Lorne by resigning from SG-1 and comes to Atlantis
Lorne/Mitchell, silence
Lorne/Mitchell, Give me wings
Lorne/Mitchell: what went before goes again
Lorne/Mitchell - advice
Lorne/Mitchell - "I've been there before."
Lorne/Mitchell – advances
Lorne/Mitchell, do i remind you of a part of you that you despise?
Lorne/Mitchell, everyone that i desire wants to be with someone else
Lorne/Mitchell, we levitate our bodies soar, our feet don't even touch the floor

Jack O’Neil
Lorne/CloneJack (Jon)- Welcome home
Lorne/Jack – first time, fixed up on a blind date.
Lorne/O'Neill, chain of command

Jonas Quinn
Lorne/Quinn- Lorne didn't expect an alien to be the one to help him fit in at his new post at the SGC
Lorne/Quinn--Let me show you around
Lorne/Quinn - h/c with hurt Lorne
Lorne/Jonas Quinn--Let me show you around
Lorne/Jonas Quinn: A new home for the Langarans
Lorne/Jonas, cultural exchange
Lorne/Jonas, painting lessons

Lorne/Malek - Mutual respect developed in the heat of battle leads to more.
Lorne/Martouf - Multiple Sg-1!Martouf was reluctant to return to his universe because of someone else, not Sam.
Lorne/Lt. Kemp, remembrance

Lorne/Lt. Scott - Lorne doesn't like to acknowledge Scott's 'trivial liaisons' with anything on two legs and breasts. But being trapped on a ship with the man who's determined to work his way through half the female crew becomes too much even for his legendary patience. Parallel Universe where Lorne is part of the expedition.
Lorne/Telford - running into the ex can be a bitch
Lorne/Adam Brody - Lorne always did have a thing for scientists.

Author’s choice
Lorne/Any Crossover – Pickup in a Bar.
Lorne/any cop show or as a cop – is involved in a hostage situation

Lorne/Author's Choice - Returnee Lt. Lorne is debriefed by the military. Why are they so interested in Aliens?
Lorne/Kyle - Promise City captures some of the military personnel sent to take back Seattle. One of them is to be interrogated by the second in command. Lorne escapes taking his interrogator with him. Kyle is on the lam as a hostage.
Lorne/Kyle- Kyle mistakes him for someone else and has him arrested in Promise City after the government pulls out.

Lorne/Wesley Wyndam-Pryce - those rumors about linguists are true.
Lorne/Wesley Wyndam-Pryce - falling for the most unsuitable person can work
Lorne/Wesley Wyndam-Pryce - Author’s choice
Lorne/Lindsey – author’s choice

Alien Nation
Lorne/Buck- Aliens landed 1990, and the Stargate took on new importance.

Battlestar Galactica
Lorne/Lee 'Apollo' Adama, toaster
Lorne/Karl 'Helo' Agathon, got left behind
Lorne/Karl 'Helo' Agathon, lottery
Lorne/Lee Adama - long lost lover from pilot training

Lorne/Xander - Lorne rescues a slave, that doesn't belong in Pegasus, while off-world. But Xander is damaged (either emotionally or physically - though not completely broken) and needs a strong dominant to help him recover. (Dom!Lorne)
Lorne/Xander- author's choice
Lorne/Graham- author's choice
Lorne/Spike, I could slay you if I wanted to
Lorne/Xander, impressed by the newbie
Lorne/Xander - secrets

Covert Affairs
Lorne/Auggie Anderson, color inside the lines
Lorne/Auggie Anderson, dog tags
Lorne/Auggie - recruitment
Lorne/Auggie - reunited

Criminal Minds
Lorne/Hotch- love the smart ones
Lorne/Hotch/Reid- what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas
Lorne/Morgan – Penelope sets Derek up on date, Lorne who she met through Kevin.

Dark Angel
Lorne/Ames - The Pulse was the results of aliens. Their breeding cult has its hands full.
Lorne/Alec - It's useful to have a Major in your back pocket or wrapped around your...well, Alec is smiling either way.
Lorne/Logan- anything
Lorne/Alec- X5’s are sent to Atlantis
Lorne/Alec/Ronon- X5 sandwich
Lorne/writer’s choice – Atlantis returns to Earth, just before the pulse hits, the government scrambles to use Ancient technology to keep things going—problem is the previous formula to create/duplicate the gene no longer works, only a true original DNA gene match will work. White’s new orders from the higher ups in the I.O.A, is to find and match as many people with the ancient gene, ironically X5’s have this gene.
Lorne/author’s choice- Alec is sent to the Pegasus galaxy
Lorne/author's choice -Pulse earth is in the Pegasus galaxy or Lorne & Sheppard’s team’s accidently end up in DA's pulse earth (bonus points if at least initially none of their technology works.)

Doctor Who
Lorne/Any Doctor - the best vacation spot in Pegasus
Lorne/Tenth Doctor - time travel for fun and profit!
Lorne/Author's Choice - What do you do when a blue box materializes in your room and whisks you away to parts on known for reason's unknown? (Author's choice on which Doctor to write but preferably Nine, Ten or Eleven please.)

Due South
Lorne/Turnbull- Crazy Canadians are visiting the SGC after their government learns of the StarGate program. Before SGA begins.

Dungeons and Dragons
Lorne/author's choice

Lorne/Sheriff Jack Carter - oops, the sex pollen spores got loose in Eureka!
Lorne/Jack Carter - Evan has to try and convince Jack that his genetic code is the key to unlocking the Ancient's greatest secret.
Lorne/Douglas Fargo- The official welcome wagon
Lorne/Jack- Lorne is sent to investigate unusual activity. Non-communicative government Agencies leads to misunderstandings.
Lorne/Deputy Andy II (Eureka crossover) - post Atlantis, Evan reports to General Mansfield
Lorne/author’s choice – Andy is sent to Atlantis
Lorne/Deputy Andy, like looking in a mirror
Lorne/Deputy Andy, out of uniform
Lorne/Deputy Andy/Jack Carter (Eureka) - if only you were human
Lorne/Nathan Stark (Eureka) – liaison

Lorne/John Crichton - tour of Moya

Lorne/Mal or Simon - lost and found
Lorne/Any, Spaceships
Lorne/Hoban 'Wash' Washburne (Firefly), anything you can fly i can fly better

Lorne/Kurt Hummel - Kurt has a crush on his college art professor

Harry Potter
Lorne/Harry Potter ‘verse – a spell misfires, possibly a love spell or charm or potion
Lorne/Sirius - magic in a non magical world

Hawaii Five-0
Lorne/Steve - a Wraith comes to Hawaii and Steve finds out the truth about his boyfriend's secret job

Sylar/Lorne - Lorne's got an ability he keeps hidden from everybody. Someone's figured it out, though, and wants him really bad.

Lorne/Russel Varon - The last hurricane took the town. Only one man survived and Major Lorne is there to investigate. Strangely drawn to him, he can't keep his reactions under control. After sleeping with Russel, he finds himself questioning what's real.

Lorne/Raylan, anything

Kyle XY
Kyle comes to the notice of the military. Lorne is sent to investigate.

Lorne/Eliot, Lorne has a thing for bad boys
Lorne/author’s choice (slash preferred)- Lorne remembers Parker
Lorne/Eliot Spencer - when Lorne goes missing, Eliot goes after him
Lorne/Eliot Spencer - close call
Lorne/Eliot Spencer - once upon a time, the military brainwashed both of them
Lorne/Eliot – Lorne meets Eliot’s teammates or Eliot meets Lorne’s teammates

Lorne/The Middleman - Anything at all

Lorne/Sean Pierce, marksmanship

Lorne/Gibbs - After EatG, Lorne is promoted to Colonel and a new job in Homeworld Security at the Pentagon in DC, where his path crosses with one Special Agent LJ Gibbs (consensual BDSM, sub!Lorne, please).
Lorne/Gibbs – seasickness
Lorne/Ronon, Ziva flirts with the wrong man
Lorne/Sheppard, while on vacation Lorne/Sheppard help NCIS with an investigation, (bonus points for Tony/Gibbs)
Lorne/Tony -first time

Lorne/Colby Granger (Lorne/Colby/Ronon would make me even happier) - When Lorne knows the Fed that arrives in Atlantis, Ronon starts his own investigation to figure out the nature of their relationship (consensual BDSM, Dom!Lorne please ).
Lorne/Colby - Fed up of the bureaucracy of the IOA Lorne quits Atlantis & the USAF, he starts a new career as an FBI agent where he's surprised to find more than just a new job (consensual BDSM, Dom!Lorne please ).
Lorne/Colby - set during "The Return" Evan's been given some mandatory leave so he decides to spend the time in LA.
Lorne/Don Eppes - his sister's got a warped sense of fun, but at least there's eye candy.
Lorne/Colby Granger, Car Chase
Lorne/Colby Granger, Messing about in one of Charlies Lectures

Once Upon a Time
Lorne/David Nolan - "Prince Charming? Really?"
Lorne/August Booth - wood

Pan Am
Lorne/Dean Lowrey - First Officer Lorne has a crush on his new Captain
Lorne/Ted Vanderway - may the best pilot win

Lorne/Shawn Spencer - fake/fraud
Lorne/Buzz McNab - unappreciated

Lorne/Max - Max had help escaping Area 51.
Lorne/Max - Dreams have haunted Lorne for nearly 2 decades. Sorrowful eyes demand he find them.
Lorne/Michael or Lorne/Max - The war has come to Earth and Major Lorne is reassigned to Homeworld Command. The Asgard have a secret that involves the pod-squad.

Lorne/Will - His last name wasn't Kavanaugh, but he could go with it.
Lorne/Will - Lorne was always a little abnormal, now he knows how much.
Lorne/Tesla, Do I know you?
Lorne/Tesla, bound and gagged
Lorne/Tesla: First time
Lorne/Parrish/Tesla, Hot and Cold
Lorne/Tesla – electricity
Lorne/Henry - werewolf surprise!

Lorne/Quinn- Bumping in to a stranger on a sidewalk sends him into another world.

Lorne/Any, meteor rocks play havok with an ATA gene

Lorne/Castiel, The Winchesters aren’t the only one Castiel has to watch over
Lorne/Gabriel, The trickster learnt a thing or two from Evan Lorne before meeting and messing with the Winchesters
Lorne/Sam or Dean, Meeting Bobby's only living relative, his nephew Evan Lorne.
Lorne/Dean, How to kill a monster in three easy steps.
Lorne/Dean Winchester – Hunting.
Lorne/Dean Winchester – Backseat of the Impala.
Lorne/Dean Winchester – My Gun is bigger than yours.
Lorne/Any Crossover – Pickup in a Bar.
Lorne/Any Vampire – Sunrise.
Lorne/Gabriel – Chocolate
Lorne/Sam- Weirdest Earth Experience Ever
Lorne/John Winchester, After an injury, Evan ends up back on earth and falls right back into old routines- hunting. But after being gone for so many years, he's in for a shock when he realizes just how bad things have become and why.
Lorne/writer’s choice- Lorne returns to earth after he discovers his twin died under mysterious circumstances and goes to investigate—it leads to Winchesters
Lorne/Dean – anything
Lorne/Dean – pink panties, again!

Star Trekverses
Lorne/Any, Cadet Lorne's first day at Starfleet academy.
Lorne/William Riker - two first officers walk into a bar
Lorne/Tom Paris, Flight School
Lorne/Chakotay (with a side of Ronon/Tom?) - Voyager is thrown through a wormhole that traverses both space and time and ends up in Pegasus, over New Athos. It starts off as attempts at making the new comers comfortable and ends up with several falling into bed together (prefer BDSM, sub!Lorne, please).
Lorne/Garak, One of them is a Cardassian Spy
Lorne/Spock - The Enterprise got sucked through the blackhole/timehole, and ends up in the Pegasus. A side effect of the journey makes the crew's higher brain functions start to degenerate. The only way Spock can save his mind is by joining with an unaffected one.
Lorne/Spock - Lost on a strange planet, Spock is alone for years. Lorne is on a routine mission with his team when he stumbles across an alien device, ends up falling through dimension and time. Must include Pon Farr talk.

Lorne/Author's Choice - Lorne survived the apocalypse and is watching. He waits for the rise of humanity once more.

The Avengers
Lorne/Clint – anything
Lorne/author’s choice – Lorne’s commissioned to do a group portrait of the Avengers.
Lorne/author’s choice – Lorne secretly fanboy’s Captain America – who’s a bigger fan Phil Coulson or Lorne
Lorne/Ronon – They meet the Avengers, who sizes up who?

Lorne/Jack Harkness – History
Lorne/Jack Harkness- And he thought *Sheppard* was a flirt?

The Tudors
Lorne/King Henry VIII - fulfilling the king's wishes

Warehouse 13
Lorne/Jinks, They used to be college roommates
Lorne/Jinks, Lazy Sunday Morning

White Collar
Lorne/Neal -too pretty to go back to jail
Lorne/Neal Caffrey - Neal accidentally steals military secrets and it's up to Evan to retreive them
Lorne/Neal Caffrey - divergent paths
Lorne/Peter Burke - background check

Lorne/Krycek - The victim of multiple abductions since he was a kid, Lorne has come to the attention of Agent Mulder and his new partner, Agent Krycek. There is a connection between the two younger men that Mulder doesn't understand until bright lights take both while in a field.
Lorne/Krycek - Krycek blackmails a member of the SGC to get information for his bosses. He uses an aggressive sexual relationship to get Captain Lorne to crack.
Lorne/Krycek - The battle for Earth went south at the end of Season 1 of SG-1. To survive the post-apocalyptic world, Lorne must rely upon the shady figure who just saved his life.

Scully/Lorne/Mulder - Lorne is sexualshifter.

Infusion Xovers
BtVS SGA cast replacing the character roles of another fandom, or our SGA characterst set within that fandom’s world/verse ie SGA set in Buffyverse in Sunnydale on the Hellmouth without the Buffy, so no Buffy, Spike etc ((adding in the another verse characters makes it a crossover)) any questions please ask!
Dark Angel - Lorne/Ronon - Ronon is part of a breeding program that began in the Pegasus over ten thousand years ago. Lorne is unknowingly part of the offshoot of that continuation on Earth. Ronon's ardor is up and he needs to mate, Lorne is the only suitable member of the expedition, even if he doesn't know it.
Dungeons and Dragons Lorne/author's choice
DC Comics Universe- Can be gen, het or slash, author's choice on the pairing. Lorne's gotta be a hero, but not Superman or Batman. (However, any other members of the Super- or Batfamilies are perfectly acceptable.)
Fast & Furious
Lorne/Sheppard, racing cars- “winners choice?”
Sheppard as Gibbs, Lorne as Tony, McKay as Abby, Carson as Ducky, Teyla as Ziva, Zelenka as Mcgee, and Weir as the Director (work in Ronon, Laura maybe as FBI?)–working a case.

author's choice
Lorne/any – it starts with a slap
Lorne/Any Female, She's his beard
Lorne/Weir - She needed something tender and no other soul would understand.
Laura Cadman
Lorne/Cadman – first time
Lorne/Cadman – leather
Lorne/Novak -dressing up, you clean up nice
Lorne/Novak -dressing down, rips
Lorne/Novak -red lace, unexpected
Lorne/Novak -Asgard, show
Lorne/Novak -"seriously. My life is like a bad scifi movie.", that one time we did that one thing.
Lorne/Teyla, secret relationship, fear of rejection
Lorne/Teyla, post-mission, wound up
Lorne/Teyla -Torren identifying Lorne as "dad"
Lorne/Teyla -shaving, knives
Lorne/Teyla -getting caught
Lorne/Teyla - Because Kanan was not the only one who would make a great dad.
Lorne/Teyla – more than coworkers? Someone else’s POV looking in
Lorne/Sam - past relationship and adjusting to new dynamics when Sam comes to Atlantis.
Lorne/Sam - People finding out
Lorne/Sam - At the SGC pre-Atlantis.
Lorne/Sam--Their first date/attraction after her divorce from McKay ("The Road Not Taken")

Het Xovers
Lorne/Abby - While in DC (new job/vacation/conference), Lorne visits a private BDSM club to let his hair down and meets Abby (sub!Lorne).
Lorne/Ziva, Lorne makes a surprise visit

Scully/Lorne/Mulder - Lorne is sexualshifter.