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Title: The Prince and the Druid's Apprentice
Rating: K+
Pairings: Lorne/Parrish
Spoilers: none
Warnings: AU
Disclaimer: I do not own these characters. I write this for fun or something, make no money, etc.
Wordcount: 4088
Summary: Prince Evan is unhappy, until he meets his true love.
Author Notes: Written for the 12 Days of Lorne at [info]slashing_lorne, wishing for an AU... Inspiration from Merlin and [info]lsellersfic and probably [info]rinkafic for having so many 'verses :) Also, this fic ended up having quite a bit of unintended innuendo, which amused me. I suppose that's what you get when you call a horse 'Ronon'.

+The Prince and the Druid's Apprentice )
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Title: Do You Hear What I Hear
Pairings: Evan/Rodney
Rating: G
Word Count: 4268

Notes: Granting a wish - Lorne singing; pre-slash

Title: Christmas Surprise
Pairings: Evan/John
Rating: M
Word Count: 1505

Notes: Granting a wish - Lorne/Sheppard; slash

Title: Taking Time
Pairings: Evan/Rodney
Rating: PG
Word Count: 8734

Summary: Rodney is forced to take a vacation and finds something he didn't know he was missing.
Notes: Granting a wish - Lorne AU; pre-slash, slash
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There's more to come after I sleep off the Nyquil.

Title: Prior Indiscretion
Pairings: Evan/Fargo
Fandom: Atlantis/Eureka crossover
Rating: PG
Word Count: 2044
Summary: Evan and Fargo reunite.
Notes: Granting a wish: Lorne's reaction/How Lorne became a model for Andy 2.0; Google translates what are you doing as co děláte.

(shades of the past)
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It's already Dec 21 here!

Title: Mythletoe
Author: Mandy
Characters: Lorne/Parrish (mention of Reed/Biro)
Rating: PG
Warnings: None that I can think of
Disclaimer: Sadly not mine.
Word count: ~1,500
Note: Parrish mentions the use of mistletoe in cancer treatments. Here’s a reference: 'Use of Iscador'

Written for [ profile] slashing_lorne 12 Days of Lorne, granting a wish for someone who wanted the following:
Summary: Parrish knows the full history of mistletoe, but Lorne's more interested in what it can do for his future.

'at my journal here'
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Title: Shades of Galatea.
Author: Lopaka Tanu
Disclaimer: I do not own StarGate: Atlantis or Dark Angel.
Characters: Lorne, Alec, Max.
Words: 1167
Prompt: Steampunk A.U. for Denyce's Birthday.
Fandom: StarGate: Atlantis/Dark Angel
Pairing: Alec/Lorne UST.
Rating: Teen
Warnings: Language, Violence.
Summary: Major Lorne of the city's Guarde hunts the night for a killer with a little help.
Author's Note: This takes place in a Steampunk version of Seattle where the X-5s are actually automatons.
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Title: Ticking By.
Author: Lopaka Tanu
Disclaimer: I do not own Dark Angel or Stargate: Atlantis.
Characters: Logan, Max
Fandom: Dark Angel/Stargate Atlantis - Steampunk AU.
Pairing: N/A
Rating: Teen
Warnings: Language
Summary: A little tune-up between friends.
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Title: I Spy With My Electrical Eye.
Author: Lopaka Tanu
Disclaimer: I do not own Dark Angel or Stargate: Atlantis.
Characters: Max, Alec, Lorne
Fandom: Dark Angel/Stargate Atlantis - Steampunk AU.
Pairing: Alec/Lorne ust.
Rating: Adult
Warnings: Language, Violence.
Summary: Max and Alec stakeout someone's pad.
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Title: Too Old For This Shiii...
Author: Lopaka Tanu
Disclaimer: I do not own Dark Angel or Stargate: Atlantis.
Characters: Lorne, Sheppard, Alec
Fandom: Dark Angel/Stargate Atlantis - Steampunk AU.
Pairing: N/A
Rating: Teen
Warnings: Language, Violence
Summary: Evan gets a new partner, and he was just two days away from retirement.
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Title: Breath Softly Upon The Sill.
Author: Lopaka Tanu
Disclaimer: I do not own Dark Angel or Stargate: Atlantis.
Characters: Ben, Ames.
Fandom: Dark Angel/Stargate Atlantis - Steampunk AU.
Pairing: Ben/Ames
Rating: Teen
Warnings: Language
Summary: Death stalks the city streets.
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(Cross posted, apologies for dupiness)
Title: Under the Dragon's Wing
Fandom: Stargate Atlantis - AU
    Series: Magor 'verse #2
Characters: Lorne, Parrish, McKay, Jumper (a dragon)
Pairings: Lorne/Parrish, McKay/Sheppard (past/implied)
Rating: Gen
Word Count: 7409

Notes: Happy Holidays for [ profile] angelyuy who asked for something completely different way back when.

Prompts: at the end (spoilers)

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(Cross posted - sorry for dupiness)
Title: L is for… Lorne?
Fandom: Stargate Atlantis - AU
    Series: Magor 'verse - #1
Characters: Lorne, Parrish
Rating: PG
Word Count: 5,313

Notes: For [ profile] camshaft22, who read me podfic

Prompts: at the bottom (Spoilers!)

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Title: Childhood Memories
Author: [info]sexycazzy
Genre: slash, hurt/comfort
Pairings: Evan/David
Rating: PG
Word Count: 1, 359
Content/warnings: minor character death & mentions of past childhood abuse (off screen)
Summary: Evan tries to comfort David after he receives some bad news but they end up comforting each other.
These recognisable characters belongs to the show, SGA, and not to me,
unfortunately (but sexy Evan Lorne belongs to me!! ~in my dreams~)
Author's Note: Written for [info]ancientctybingo- square: On the Balcony. Beta~ed by the lovely [info]fififolle

Childhood Memories )
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Title: A is for Adoration
Series: [ profile] parrish_lorne Alphabet Soup
Fandom: Stargate Atlantis
Pairings of a sort: Parrish/Lorne, John/Cam, Markham/Stackhouse
Rating: PG
Words: 576
Summary: A different kind of plant love


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Title: Away From You
Fandom: Stargate Atlantis
Characters/Pairing: Lorne/Parrish, Stackhouse/Markham
Word Count: 1,849
Rating: PG
Notes: For [ profile] clwilson2006. I don’t have the words.
Prompt: (At End)

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I hate to post this as a WIP, but I've not quite finished it as of this posting. Will get the rest out soon as I'm done. Hopefully that will be tomorrow.

Title: Are You Afraid Of The Gloom?
Author: Lopaka Tanu
Disclaimer: I do not own StarGate or The Night Watch series.
Characters: Lorne, Parrish, OCs.
Words: 2496
Prompt: Lorne/author’s choice – AU – there’s a mass murderer loose in Atlantis! (which may just be a city and not an Ancient city)
Fandom: StarGate: Atlantis.
Pairing: N/A (for now)
Rating: Teen
Warnings: Language, Mentioned Character Death.
Summary: There is a war brooding in the shadows of our world. Mythical creatures haunt the twilight, a veil between our world and the unknown. From an early age, Lorne discovers that we are not alone.
Author's Note: An AU based upon the Night Watch/Day Watch series, books and movies.
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Title: Filling the Canvas
Pairings: Evan/John
Rating: PG (language, artistic/erotic nudity)
Word Count: 3603
Notes: Lorne Fest 3 prompt - Lorne/author’s choice- Artist Lorne, Lorne needs a model; a lengthy 'how they got together' piece; crossposted to lj & dw

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Title: The Measure of A Man
Pairings: Lorne/Paul Davis
Rating: PG (language)
Word Count: 1191
Warnings: none
Notes: Lorne Fest prompt Lorne/Davis - Who’s in charge?/Who's the ranking officer?; post Season 5; Atlantis is still on Earth

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Title: Self-sabotage
Pairings: Lorne/Kavanaugh
Rating: PG (non-explicit sex)
Word Count: 700
Warnings: none
Notes: Lorne Fest 3 prompt Lorne/Kavanagh - I hate you; For this story, Sgt. Stackhouse's first name is Stephen

When love is suppressed hate takes its place

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Recipient: [personal profile] mandykaysfic
Title: The Flower Shop
Pairings: Lorne/Parrish
Rating: PG
Word Count: 1447
Summary: "This is 'Parrish's Plants'. I'm David Parrish." He held his hand out.
Warnings: None
Disclaimer: Any recognisable characters are not mine.
Notes: This doesn't quite meet the request I was given. It is an AU, and although you don't see Lorne painting, he does own a Gallery. I missed on the humour too. Sorry. Beta by [personal profile] somehowunbroken Thank you. Two gifts: 2 of 2.

The Flower Shop )
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Recipient [personal profile] calcitrix
Title: Persistence Pays Off (When You Least Expect It To)
Pairing: Evan Lorne/David Parrish
Rating: PG
Summary: For Evan Lorne, Atlantis is full of unexpected things in unexpected places.
Prompt: Offworld travel of exploration of the city, first time, and shenanigans or hijinks.
Word Count: ~3,350
Disclaimer: Not mine; no infringement on any rights is intended. This is not for profit & is intended for enjoyment only.
Author notes: Betaed by the fabulously wonderful race_the_ace.

Persistence Pays Off )
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Recipient: [personal profile] rubygirl29
Title: Missing
Pairing: Evan/Cam
Rating: PG
Summary/Notes: Written for [personal profile] rubygirl29, who is simply wonderful, and I hope she enjoys this! Her requests were thus: 1. Lorne as a leader, 2. H/C either character, any way. Optional requests: Team.
Word Count: 2,222
Disclaimer: Not mine; no infringement on any rights is intended. This is not for profit & is intended only for enjoyment.

Missing )
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Title: Hot Chocolate, on AO3
Author: [personal profile] gblvr
Fandom/Pairing: Lorne/Zelenka
Rating: PG
Summary: Evan just wants Radek to stop looking so fragile....
Comments: Beta by [personal profile] meansgirl; any remaining mistakes are my own.

For [profile] kisahwaklin, just because.

(This is part of a larger story, A Love Story In Four Parts; it falls between part iii and part iv.)
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Title: Storytelling
Author: [personal profile] lilyleia78
Rating: PG
Word Count: ~3000
Summary: Lorne is bored on a plant-watching mission. Parrish tells him a story that's about more than just local plant lore.
Note: Written for the Lorne Summerfest prompt off-world, curing Lorne's boredom. I saw the prompt and my head went to a pwp place with Eyes on the plant, Major but somewhere the story lost the porn and developed a subplot. It did retain the line though. :)

The tree filtered sunlight slowly heated the small tent until Lorne was forced to give up any semblance of rest in favor of seeking respite from the rising temperature.

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