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Our 1st year, just over a dozen fics, I'd call that a success!

You guys did great, thank you!!!

If you missed the deadline, and you're still writing... Please do continue, and post whenever you can. Sadly it won't make the masterlist, but we'll never turn away Lorne, or the fic ;)
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It’s our last week... the fest is slated to end on the 15th, this Saturday, but because it is Saturday we're going to extend it to the 16th on Sunday. So if you claimed something you have until this Sunday to finish and post.

Remember, there's basically no length requirement, only that its 200+wc to qualify—- otherwise it’s considered a drabble, and for drabbles no one has to claim a prompt in order to post. Meaning go peruse the prompts, and write/post a drabble, or hey, claim a prompt to write—if you can post it by Sunday, its all good ^_^
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Fest runs until Aug 15th..... Have FUN!!

To claim a prompt, comment to this post with the following:
Your Name:
Prompt: (In its entirety please: Genre, Character/Pairing, Word/Phrase/Scenario)
I will reply as quickly as I can ((early mornings/evenings in my time zone PST))

Once a prompt is out of play I will cross it off.

Ready? Set... GO

Claim a prompt
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So I had this thought--not exactly fleshed out... anyhoo was wondering if- even though we're small numbers here, if anyone was interested in a challenge--kinda to start us off here on Dreamwidth. It would be exclusive for DW's slashing_lorne, or at least initially. Once the challenge was complete, and we had our masterlist we could make an announcement over on LJ's slashing _lorne let the SGA newsletter pick us up, and anyone else- offering a Welcome to Dreamwidth kinda of thing....

Any thoughts??

And no I have nothing planned at the moment, its just something I was thinking to have DW's slashing_lorne more than just a backup blog like IJ's slashing_lorne has become.

Another thought any graphic artists here? Hmm, will need to cross post this later--but just thought of bookmarks for the info page, that'd be kool ;) Hmm maybe a contest?

Gotta run, let me know if there is interest in making this comm a little separate from LJ's slashing_lorne or not.... thanks!!
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Extended posting prompts to the 31st, so prompt away--the more we have the more prompts offered, the more to entice/inspire writers...

Stats so far:

Slash )

Het )

Is your pairing represented, represented enough?? Have a xover you'd love to see... Lorne within their verse, them in Lorne's verse, complete AU, sky's the limit... You don't ask, don't post a prompt, sadly its not going to get written...

Go see what's been prompted

Add your own, prompt me baby ;)
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*Pout* A week later and only 1 prompter. Are people confused? Prompters DO NOT! have to claim or write anything beyond the posting a prompt. Posting a prompt is just letting people know what you might be interested in reading… Post prompts here

Honestly it’s a disappointment. Not posting prompts sends the wrong message ((at least I hopes it’s the wrong message))

Also my disappointment isn’t directed toward writers & to those who did fill out the poll, but rather the other 100 or so lurkers/readers. The message you’re sending is that there is no interest, you don’t care, and don’t want any new Lorne fic…

It’s this kind of display when readers don’t respond to say hey we do want you to write, and we want to read… Writers regardless of where they fall—be a drabble/snip writer to all out epic writer, gen to slash to het-all writers, anyone who publicly posts their work, we have one thing in common the want/need/love to know feel like someone is-will read our work. And OMG if someone sends fb, it can make ones day. Stroke our ego aka le muses and encourages us to sit back down and write more.

Without it, writers leave for bigger ponds… of other more popular characters, pairings, different fandoms etc… and before you know it you have a dead community, or a dead fandom.

I’m not going to lie or pretend that slashing_lorne is suddenly going to be the newest hottest comm in ALL of fandom, or that all the kool kids will be hanging out jonesing to post fic here—Though admittedly that’s a lovely picture in my head ;p

Nor will I lie & say that I’ll slavishly write/post daily-not!

Truth is even before I even created slashing_lorne I was and still am a multi-fandom whore, and yes I do get distracted by all the pretty out there *g* doesn’t mean that I don’t try to keep this comm going, and will continue to do so, or that my love for Lorne has waned—it hasn’t!

Though I’d like to believe that there really is more than a half a dozen reader/writers out there that do care, still love Lorne, want to read/write/see more Lorne fic…. Frankly, I loved what we did at the Xmas challenge, and still think a Lorne summer fest could be fun, but if no one actually posts prompts, how do you expect writers to be inspired/write???

Anyhoo, for any writers looking forward to claiming prompts to write, I will be posting 30 prompts on the last day, add to evilj’s prompts then we will have a minimum of 36 prompts to choose from… but frankly for a fest the number of prompts so far really is a dismal disappointment.

Post prompts here
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Accepting prompts through May 29

You can post your promps here, or on [ profile] slashing_lorne

Info/rules of the Fest here

Any questions please ask, now go forth prompt let us know what you'd like to read....
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Hmmm, Just posted a poll for a Lorne summer challenge over on [ profile] slashing_lorne go fill it out, or make comments here, let me know your thoughts ;)

Oh & say hello, welcome to your new Mod [personal profile] gblvr *hugs!*

Now have to dash off to work... ta~


May. 4th, 2009 09:34 am
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Just created, and will be working on the pretty/xposting over to [ profile] slashing_lorneto let everyone know... Hoping to start a challenge: Summer of Loving_Lorne, so stick around, we're just getting started ;)


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