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New Horizons

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New Horizons
Fandom: Stargate Atlantis/X-men Crossover/Fusion
            Series: Part of the Mutant 'verse (Sequence #3)
Characters: Lorne, Parrish, Cadman, Porter, Sheppard, Beckett
Pairing: Lorne/Parrish, Cadman/Porter
Orientation: Slash, Femslash
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 2,836

Notes: Happy Holidays for
[personal profile] wanted_a_pony , who prompted this.

The dorm room door burst open and bounced back against the wall - twice. “You’re leaving? What the hell, Evan? Why did I have to hear it from Kitty? Alison is crying her eyes out because the brain trust knew something before she did and was rubbing it in.”

“I was going to tell you.”

“WHEN? Look at you, you’re already packed!” Dave was in a high temper, one of the worst Evan had seen him in over the years.

“I was going to come and find you. I don’t leave until tomorrow morning.”

Dave dropped heavily onto the edge of Evan’s bed and shoved at his suitcase, knocking it off the bed. “Whoops,” he sneered.

“Nice, very nice Parrish.” Evan bent to collect the clothing that had spilled out.

“You’re leaving me. Why are you leaving me?” Dave’s voice had gone very quiet as his rage evaporated. He sniffled and rubbed at his eyes. “Why, Ev?”

Looking up from where he was crouched on the floor, Evan sighed and said, “I did what I came here to do, Dave. I’ve learned to control my abilities. I’m no longer a danger to anyone. I’m done here, there’s nothing else to learn and I don’t want to teach, I’m not cut out for it..”

“Where will you go?”

Evan dropped the clothes into the bag and sat beside Dave. “That’s why I have to go so soon. Professor X got me an interview with some military operation; I’m going undercover on a top secret mission.”

“You’ll be hiding your abilities again, won’t you?”

Nodding, Evan pressed his leg against Dave’s and reached for his hand. “I can’t hide here forever, Dave. I’m nineteen, I graduated last year. It was either this military gig or college. They offered me a commission, I’ll be a lieutenant. The Professor thought it would be a good experience for me, a good path to explore.”

Dave turned and threw his arms around Evan’s shoulders. Hugging was as far as they had ever gone, besides a chaste kiss here and there. There was virtually no privacy at the school. “I don’t want you to go.”

“I’ll miss you. I really will. You’re the best friend I’ve ever had, Dave.”

Dave leaned back and framed Evan’s face in his hands. Then he leaned forward and kissed him full on the mouth. “Don’t leave me,” Parrish whispered raggedly, trailing kisses along Evan’s cheek and down his neck. “Please.”

“I have to. I really have to, Dave, I signed the contracts; I’m committed. A few years, I’ll be back in a few years.” He rubbed his hands over Dave’s back as his roommate buried his face against his shoulder, soaking Evan’s t-shirt with tears. Evan had never seen Parrish cry before. It made his stomach hurt, seeing it now.

“You won’t have your team, who is going to watch your back?”

He stroked Dave’s hair, feeling a little close to tears himself. “I’ll be assigned to one of their teams. We trained for this, Dave, we trained to go out and work with others. I’m an asset to someone, for the first time in my life.”

“No, not the first time, you’ve always been the best thing in my life, Ev.”


Evan was sent to basic military training. He learned how to handle a gun, how to salute, how to make his bed precisely, and how to fold his clothes the way the US government demanded. The food was significantly worse than it had been at Xavier’s.

When he finished his required six weeks, he was sent to Colorado Springs, to the Cheyenne Mountain Complex. There he was indoctrinated into the Stargate program. He was given a crash course in the project and the mission he was being assigned to. His head was spinning with information overload by the end of the first day.

He had some more specialized training with a Lieutenant Colonel Mitchell and a huge guy named Teal’c. He learned alien martial arts, some funky hand to hand moves and how to fight with a staff. Then they turned him over to Doctor Jackson, who taught him the basics of the Ancient language. It seemed he had not quite escaped the classroom by leaving Xavier’s School for the Gifted.

He was leaving the small classroom with Sergeant Stackhouse, who was in his language class when he heard a familiar voice complain, “I want to see my friend. When can I go find him?”

Cadman? Had he just heard Laura Cadman? He turned right instead of left and came face to face with his favorite red-head. “Never mind, there he is!” She waved the private escorting her away. “He’ll show me where I need to be. Go. Shoo.”

“I’ll take charge of her, private.” The soldier looked relieved and walked away quickly. “Laura, what are you doing here?”

She smiled and gave him a brisk one-armed hug which was the most affection she ever showed anyone other than Allie. “I’m going on the Atlantis mission.”

“You are?”

“Professor X thought it would be a good use of my abilities.”

“You still can’t control yourself, Laura,” he said with doubt.

She tapped his chest with two fingers. “Which is why I’m on your team, you have always been the best at containing me. I nearly blew up the Danger Room after you left; the new kid has no idea what he’s doing. I’m in room 2340, bring me there.”

He led her to the room, which was only around a few corners, on this level. As they chatted, he was able to learn that she had been through he same basic training as him and had also been granted a lieutenant’s commission. He was kind of happy, now he wouldn’t be alone as the only mutant along on the expedition.

When they got to her quarters, the door opened and Alison launched herself at him. He caught her and hugged her tightly, shocked and happy to see her; his best friend - after Dave - and his confidant in almost everything. She was laughing and crying as she rained kisses over his face. “I missed you!”

“Did you join the SGC too, Allikins?” he let her slide to the floor.

“I did. I didn’t like basic training though. I almost washed out, but Laura dragged me through it.”

Evan followed them into the room and shut the door. He turned around and Dave was suddenly kissing him passionately, with tongue, his hands roving over Evan’s back and sides and finally resting on his hips. Evan pulled back to take a breath. “You’re here too? You’re all here?”

“It was Dave’s idea,” Allie said, snickering behind her hand. “School was getting boring anyway. I can’t afford college, so I decided to go work for a while then come back and go.”

Dave was caressing his cheeks and breathing heavily. “I couldn’t do it. I couldn’t stay there without you. I didn’t even miss my mother this much when I left home. It sucked without you, Ev.”

“You came for me?”

Snorting, Cadman dropped an arm over Allie’s shoulder. “We all came for you, Evan. We’re a team. We have each other’s backs, always.”


AG-3 came through the Gate at a run with a hail of bullets trailing after them. “Those stupid… those were NOT farmers!” Cadman yelled, waving angrily at the Gate with one arm as she fired back through the event horizon with her P-90.

Major Sheppard, the head of the military since Sumner’s death two months earlier, came down the stairs and took over the hauling of the bleeding Lorne from Porter. On his other side, Parrish was as white as a sheet. “What happened, Lieutenant Parrish?” Sheppard asked as they went down the corridor. Lorne’s head lolled forward, he was out cold.

“They were pretending to be farmers, sir. When Evan was snooping around, he got caught and ended up in a fistfight with a few of them. He got knifed before we could get involved. It turned into a free-for-all: I tried to field dress the wound while Cadman and Porter went after them. They ran into soldiers not far from the Gate.”

Doctor Beckett waved them over to an exam table. “When did he lose consciousness?”

“Just before we got to the Gate. Is he gonna be all right, Doctor?”

“Too soon to tell, you lads take yourselves out and let me work.” Beckett made a chasing motion with his hands. Sheppard took Dave by the sleeve and pulled him out into the corridor. Once there, Dave slid down the wall into a crouch and dropped his head into his hands.

After a few minutes, a water bottle was tapped against the top of his head. “Drink,” Cadman ordered as she slid down to sit beside him. Allie leaned against the wall on Laura’s other side.

Sheppard was watching Dave with concern when he looked up. “Is it like that, Parrish?”

“Is it against frat rules sir?”

“Nah, you’re of equal ranks. I don’t care. Sumner might have made you toe the line and been a stickler about the fraternization, but I don’t care.”

“Good. Yeah, it’s like that sir. I’m because he’s here.”

Nodding in understanding, Sheppard said, “If I didn’t need the four of you working together as a team to use those abilities, I’d split you up so things like this didn’t happen again. I’m going to add a fifth to your team. Stackhouse has a lot Gate experience from back in the Milky Way, maybe he can help keep you out of trouble.”

A nurse came out of the infirmary and walked up to them. “Doctor Beckett has taken Lieutenant Lorne into the OR. The knife apparently sliced into his spleen; he might need to have it removed. I have to go assist, but the doctor wanted you to know.”

The lights suddenly dimmed all around them. “What just happened?” Cadman demanded.

“That was the city,” Sheppard replied, putting his hand flat against the wall and closing his eyes. He opened them and looked over at the team as he dropped his hand away. “Damn. She’s got her hooks into Lorne, when they put him under the anesthesia, the city reacted. I didn’t realize anyone else had the ability to interact with the city’s AI.”

Allie was watching the major as all this went on, and had slowly edged over to him. She brushed the side of her hand against his and then pursed her lips. “You’re a mutant too!” she hissed.

He clamped his hand over her mouth and pressed her back against the wall. “Shhh! Don’t, just don’t ever say that word out loud, Porter. Do not blow our covers.”

“How many others sir?” Parrish asked, staring up at Sheppard.

“Eleven. I think it’s better if you don’t know the identities of the others. Bring any problems or concerns directly to me, do not go to Weir. The IOA was completely against allowing any gifted individuals through the Gate. If they learned that there were sixteen smuggled in under their noses, they would go on the warpath.”

“What if Doctor Beckett finds out?” Cadman said as she pushed up to her feet. “Lorne’s under heavy duty drugs, there’s no telling what he might do or say. He’s the control of our unit, sir. He’s the one that keeps the rest of us in check.”

Sheppard stepped back from Allie, eyeing her suspiciously. “Beckett won’t say anything. And he’s got the situation in there under control.” Sheppard jerked a thumb over his shoulder at the doors behind them. He can keep Lorne in check, as you put it. The rest of you are off Gate rotation until your team leader is back on his feet. I have to go see Weir; she’s busting my chops for a situation report. Stay here, stay quiet and stay out of trouble.” He left without another word.

Parrish tugged Allie’s sleeve, knowing better than to touch her skin and overwrite what she’s picked up from Sheppard before she could get a handle on it. He dragged her down beside him. “Spill, what’s his ability?”

She tilted her head and touched the floor with the palm of one hand. “He’s a techno. He can work the city’s systems and operate most machinery with his mind.”

“No wonder he loves the puddlejumpers so much; they were designed for people just like him,” Cadman remarked as she sat beside Allie.

Allie rested her head on Dave’s shoulder and he wrapped an arm around her shoulders. They waited for a few hours. Allie kept one hand on the floor and practiced utilizing Sheppard’s power. Just in case a situation ever came up, she would at least be familiar with it.

When the surgery was over, Beckett came out to update them himself. “He’s pulled through. I had to remove half of his spleen. He should recover fully, so long as there are no post-surgery complications.”

Allie jumped up and ran over, intent on hugging the doctor. He help his hands up in a warding motion and snapped, “No, no, none of that, Missy. You keep those hands of yours to yourself!” She blushed and stopped dead in her tracks.

He tapped the side of his head. “I know what you were on about. We’ll have none of those types of games, Lieutenant Porter, do you understand?”

She nodded, still blushing.

He tapped his temple and said quietly, “I graduated Xavier’s the summer before you all enrolled. You can come in and see him, Parrish, for a minute, and then you’ll have to go.” Dave scrambled to his feet and followed Beckett like a puppy.

Looking over at Allie, Laura sighed and said, “Great, we’ve got a friggin’ Junior Professor X in charge of the infirmary.”


The knife wound became infected and Evan didn’t regain consciousness for three days following his surgery. When he finally did, he was confused as he woke. David leapt out of the chair beside the bed and squeezed the hand he had been holding, for nearly three straight days. “You scared me, Ev. You scared ten years off my life.”

“What happened?”

“You got stabbed by those Amish wanna-be bastards. You don’t remember?” David brushed the hair back off Evan’s face. Since coming to Atlantis, he’d let his Basic Training buzz cut grow out. There was enough there now for Dave to play with, which he did.

“No, I don’t. Are the girls all right?”

David nodded and caressed Evan’s cheek. “They’re fine. Allie did a brush-by on you and then went out and covered Laura while she went all Rambo on their asses.”

“Okay. Cool.” Evan yawned and tried to stretch, but gasped at the pull on his belly and hunched in on himself slightly.

Trying to distract Evan from the pain with cheery gossip, Dave remarked lightly, “Sheppard and Beckett both went to school in Westchester. Did you know that?”

“No. I knew there were others, just not who they were,” Lorne whispered after looking around to see that no one was listening in. “I really got stabbed?”

“Yeah, with a big giant knife, you’re gonna have a big scar here.” David traced a finger along the length of the bandage around Lorne’s middle.

Looking down, Lorne noticed the bandage for the first time. “I got stabbed! No one ever got close enough to me to do that before.”

Chuckling at Lorne’s indignation, David said, “They jumped you, you were outnumbered and they clonked you on the head with a frying pan. Don’t worry; I still think you’re sexy, even all cut up.”

“You do?”

“Yeah. You do know that I love you?” David leaned over the rail of the bed and kissed Evan’s lips. “You need to get well quickly, because I’m kinda tired of waiting to be with you.”

“You want to…” Evan waggled a finger between them, “With me?”

David kissed him again. “You’re pretty slow on the uptake for a telepath.”

“I don’t sweep you. It wouldn’t be right. Not you, unless we’re working. Then only the surface stuff.”

“Enough chatter, gentlemen. Kiss Lorne goodnight, Parrish. I’m quote certain that he’s had enough of you for one day. Out!”

“He’s worse than Professor X. He’s sneaky!” David whispered after he kissed Evan sweetly. To Beckett he said, “I’m going, I’m going. I’ll be in the hydroponics lab trying to get something with some actual flavor to grow.” Parrish squeezed Evan’s hand and then stomped out.

Beckett checked Lorne over and then told him, “Try to sleep. You’re recovering from a serious wound, there, Lieutenant. I almost lost you on the table. I don’t want you moving around and tearing anything open again.”

“Okay, Doc,” Evan replied and snuggled down into the pillow. He was smiling as he drifted off to sleep, secure in the knowledge that the person he loved the most in the universe felt the same way about him.

The End, for now   

Prompts: Hurt Comfort Bingo Fill: “Lacerations/Knife Wounds”
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