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Title: 25 Peeks at Lorne & Parrish, Through the ‘verses
Fandom: Stargate Atlantis
      Series: Telpa, Keri, Jump, Goddess, Magor, & Time Shift 'verses
Characters/Pairing: Lorne/Parrish
Rating: R
Orientation: Slash
Word Count: 2,230

Notes: Happy holidays for [livejournal.com profile] fififolle. Hope you enjoy this romp through the ‘verses. All Lorne and Parrish for your enjoyment.

Prompt: Kink Bingo December Challenge: mini-bingos

1 Penance/Punishment: (Telpa 'verse)
Lorne knelt on the tiles, his head bowed and his hands clasped in front of him. Wrin David was angry with him, for siding with Laura in their latest argument.

“I should stripe your back. Mark you properly. You’ve gotten far too cocky lately Lorne.”

“Yes, Wrin David,” Lorne’s voice was raspy with desire, and David saw want in his telpa’s eyes.

“It’s not much of a punishment if you enjoy it!” David snapped, cuffing the back of Lorne’s head.

2 Crossdressing: (Keri ‘verse - Pre-Keri)
“Like my legs, soldier? You come back to my place and I’ll show you a real good time.” The feathers of the hat tickled Evan’s cheek. “I’ll love you long time.”

Chuckling, Evan slid his hand up the back of the fishnet encased leg, up under the skirt and cupped one cheek firmly and squeezed. “Long time, eh? Not forever?”

David smiled and breathed close to his ear, “Oh, forever, panor’eten. I promised you forever and I mean to keep that promise. C’mon home and help me out of this dress, these shoes are killing me.”

3 Roleplay: (Jump 'verse)
“I want to be your first,” Evan whispered gruffly, pressing his lips to the shell of David’s ear, and then nibbling along the edge.

David sighed heavily. “I… I’m not ready. Not yet.”

“I don’t think I can wait, I’ve waited years to have you, Lord Parrish…”

“Lord Parrish?” David snorted and began to giggle.

“Shut up, you’re ruining the game. Now c’mon, stop laughing and let me pretend to ravish you.”

4 Plushie or Furry Kink: (Canon-ish)
“Now what?”

“Now squeak.”

“I don’t know how to do squirrel noises.”

“Improvise. Chatter a little. Play with your nuts.”

“Very funny.”

“No, really, fondle your nuts, through the suit.”

“What are you going to be…? Oh, okay then. Yeah, you keep doing that. Squeak. Tut, tut, tut. Squeak.”

5 Wrestling/Grinding: (Jump ‘verse)
“Doctor, you’ve been avoiding self defense classes. General O’Neill’s orders, Doc. Of you didn’t keep skipping, you’d be able to get out from under me.”

Parrish grinned. “Maybe I’m not too keen on escaping.” He shifted, rubbing against Lorne provocatively.

Lorne’s jaw dropped open and he stared down into Parrish’s face. He gave a thrust of his hips, saying without words that he was interested in what Parrish suggested. “How discreet can you be Doctor Parrish?”

“Very, I have no neighbors in my section, my quarters are very isolated.”

“Half an hour.” Lorne rolled off and stood.

6 Worship: (Magor ‘verse)
Magor Lorne was the wisest man David had ever met. Every day that he spent in his presence he learned something new about him. He blessed the day the Council had sent him here to apprentice.

He sat at the worktable, chin resting on one fist, watching the Magor work. He wasted no moves, nor spoke words that were unnecessary. He was graceful, in a way no one David had ever seen before.

He couldn’t imagine studying with anyone else. He didn’t want to. This was perfect. Magor Lorne was perfect.

7 Mechanical/Technological: (Time Shift ‘verse)
David sat in the passenger seat of the puddle jumper, watching Evan as he took the panel of the time drive apart, setting gears and parts on the mat beside him.

He had grease streaked on his cheeks. The sight of Evan wielding tools, sweating over machinery had David in a high state of arousal. “Pick that up again,” David whispered and pointed to the thingamagig with the moving parts.

With a puzzled look, Evan picked it up. “Now what?”

“Just keep touching it like that. Like you know what you’re doing with it. Caress it a little.”

8 Sex Toys (Non Penetrating): (Jump 'verse)
“A vibrator?”


“A pink vibrator.”

“The only one I could find from the websites pre-vetted by the SGC. Roll over; you’re going to like this David.”

“If you say sooooooo. Oh, okay, yeah, keep pressing, a little to the right.”

9 Dressup: (Goddess ‘verse)
The only good thing about memorial services was that Lor had to put on his dress blues for the occasion. David sat on the bed, watching Lor slowly and methodically dress. It was almost as erotic as watching him strip.

“Come here, Ev, before you put on your shirt.”


“Because I want you to kiss me, and I want you to put a little chaos zap into it and make my hair stand on end, so I have something to get me through the next few horrible hours.”

“I can do that,” Lor grinned and obliged.

10 Voyeurism: (Time Shift ‘verse)
Laura knew she should probably be ashamed of herself, but she couldn’t help it, she was curious and lonely and horny as hell. So she followed them to the waterfall.

She sat down behind some wide fronds and peeked through. She saw David pull Evan into his arms and kiss him passionately, much more passionately than he did when Laura was around.

Evan pulled away and dragged David to the edge of the river. They stripped out of their clothes and Laura felt herself flush and her heart begin to pound at the sight of them.

11 Painplay (Other): (Jump ‘verse)
“You’re all banged up. I am not sleeping with you tonight,” David hissed as Evan tried to kiss him.

“I want, I need you, David. I almost lost you out there today, just… please.”

Evan winced as David kissed him. “I’ll hurt you.”

“Sometimes I like to be hurt a little.” Evan took two of David’s fingers and pressed them on the reddened skin on his arm that was already purpling up. He sighed raggedly and sucked a breath through his teeth. “Hurt me a little, David.”

“If that’s what you want.”

“I do, please.”

12 Writing on the Body: (Canon-ish) (Sequel-ette to Away From You )
While Evan slept, sprawled out on the bed on his stomach, David sat beside him. He reached out and traced along the words Evan had stained onto his body during his captivity. With the regular use of soap again, some were beginning to fade, the oldest, presumably.

He had Evan back again. He took a shuddering breath at how close they had come to losing him.

Something written along Evan’s thigh caught his eye. He leaned in, and slid his hand around the words and designs. He smiled as he read, “David’s hand belongs here.”

13 Bondage (Wrists/Ankles)(Wild Card): (Jump 'verse)
“Who knew you were such a glutton for punishment?” David said as he tied the ropes to the ugly sculpture attached to the wall above the bed.

“I told you before I have some quirks.”

“Well, thank you for trusting me to indulge them. Wrists okay?’

“Yeah baby. Now do my ankles.”


“Helpless, at your mercy. C’mon, don’t tell me that doesn’t appeal to you?”
David chuckled and slid off the mattress to attach the ropes to the foot of the bed.

14 Bodies and Body Parts: (Goddess ‘verse)
David sat on the ledge of the derelict building, chin in his hands, watching Evan swoop and dive in the fading sunshine. He had never thought he would be so turned on by the sight of a pair of wings. But when Evan manifested his true form, when David could touch those soft gray feathers, it excited him, gave him a thrill.

He’s always thought he liked asses, but now he figured he was a wing man. His lover had a fine form. He swept past David, grinning and David sighed, undecided; he liked his butt too.

15 Teasing: (Keri ‘verse, Mid-Panor)
“You’re killing me, keri, stop teasing me.” Evan squirmed on the mattress as David slowly licked his way across his back.

“No. Stop wriggling, I like the way you taste.”

Groaning, Evan tried to roll over, but David held him down firmly and began to nip and bite lightly. “Daviddddd,” Evan moaned out loudly. “Let me touch!”

“No. Be quiet, it’s my turn tonight, you have to do what I say.”

“I’m beginning to rethink this arrangement.”

16 Guns: (Jump ‘verse)
“Have I ever told you how hot you look when you do that?”

“When I do what, David?” Evan licked his lips at the expression on his face and slowly lowered his weapon.

“Target something, look down the barrel. Hot.”

“When we get back, we could go to the range for a while, I sorta like watching you handle a gun too.”

17 Ageplay: (Keri ‘verse - Pre-Keri)
“Tell me a story daddy,” David begged, climbing up into Evan’s lap and sticking his thumb in his mouth and sucking on it.

“Oh, did we have one of those days, Davie?”

“Uh huh. It was a horrible no good day, story.”

Wrapping his arms around him, Evan rocked David and began to recite one of the stories he had memorized for these rare occasions when David felt the need to be a baby for a while and be coddled and cosseted. The sex was always good afterwards, so Evan played along.

18 Service: (Telpa ‘verse)
Wrin David, you need to eat something,” Lorne said, waving a plate under his nose.

Tilting his head at Lorne, David said, “Jaa and feed it to me.”

Obeying the command to kneel, Lorne went down instantly. He scooped up a piece of fruit and held it to David’s lips.

Locking eyes with Lorne, David leaned forward and sucked the fruit from Lorne’s fingers. He couldn’t explain it, but no other telpa had ever affected him the way Lorne did.

19 Domestic/Tradesman Kink: (Keri ‘verse - Pre-Keri)
“I’m just not sure about the costume, Evan.”

“You have great legs, keri.”

“Yes, I know. But a french maid?”

“Don’t forget your feather duster.”

David eyed his panor’eten and picked up the feather duster. “What do you expect me to do with this?”

“Just hold onto it for me, I have a plan. Now, bend over like you dropped something. All the way over.”

20 Suspension: (Telpa ‘verse)(Sequel-ette to Unexpected Ties)
Lorne swung slowly back and forth in the web of ropes that David had constructed. It was comfortable; David certainly knew what he was doing with rope.

He opened his eyes, looking up at David sleepily as he grasped Lorne’s ankles and wrapped them around his waist, pressing in close, using the roping to guide Lorne forward. This was his favorite part; being handled, being moved around, being taken slowly and lazily.

He couldn’t believe he used to be so afraid of this.

21 Piercings/Needleplay: (Jump ‘verse)
Tugging Evan’s shirt over his head, David was surprised to find a pair of silver bars, one through each nipple. He couldn’t resist touching, or tugging lightly. When Evan shivered, David grinned. “Like that?”

“Why do you think I got them done? Do that again.” When David twisted each piercing, Evan bucked up off the sofa cushions and moaned appreciatively.

22 Gangbang: (Telpa ‘verse)
“I’ve a mind to invite friends in and let them have you. Maybe that would shake you up and get a reaction out of you,” Wrin David circled his telpa, his voice low and threatening.

He smiled when Lorne went pale and gulped. Finally! An honest reaction after an hour of training. “Would you like that Lorne? Would you like me to sit in that chair and watch you with my friends?”

“No, please, Wrin.”

David cupped his chin and forced his face up. “Very well, I’ll just satisfy my self with my fantasies.”

23 Virginity/Celibacy: (Magor ‘verse) (Sequel-ette to L is for Lorne)
David watched Lorne putter around the workroom, putting tools away. Things had been odd between them, since the accidental spell that had bound them together.

He knew Lorne wanted him. He had seen the looks, when Lorne thought he wasn’t looking. Lorne’s hand lingered on David’s back when he was teaching him things. He pressed close up behind David whenever David asked for help reading a passage.

Unsure of how to act, David had allowed the liberties and enjoyed the looks. But he wanted more. He just didn’t know how to ask. He’d never asked anyone before.

24 Pictures: (Jump 'verse/Canon-ish)
Digital cameras had been a great invention. Evan could take a ton of nude shots, and no one ever had to see them but him, no messy developing of his own test shots for paintings anymore because he worried about someone from the photo processing place reporting him.

“Tilt your head up, David. Look towards the windows.”

This was going to be perfect, if he could depict what he saw in the viewfinder on canvas, if he could capture David’s essence in paint.

25 Begging: (Jump ‘verse)
“Evan, kiss me?”

“Not here, not now.”

David sighed. “We might be dead soon. Please, just lean over and kiss me, before someone comes back. I’m scared and miserable and I need a kiss.”

“We’re not going to die, David.”

Making a whimpering sound deep in his throat, David gave him his best puppy dog look. “Please?”

Grunting, Evan struggled in his bonds and awkwardly leaned over and met David’s lips, kissing him firmly.

Ten minutes later they heard the sound of a puddle jumper’s engines. The cavalry had arrived.

Date: 2011-12-19 10:18 am (UTC)
fififolle: (Robin Hood *huggles*)
From: [personal profile] fififolle
THANK YOU SO MUCH! Wow. These are amazing. It's like Christmas come early! Like a box of chocolates all my favourite flavours! eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee :DDD

They made me giggle and squee and go 'awwwww!' and 'nomnomnomnomnom' :) And absolutely *wonderful* to see a little more of 'Away From You'.

Mmm,rrrr I liked #11 way more than is decent. GUH.
My other faves? Had to be 7, 14, 18, 23 but I LOVED THEM ALL!!!

Date: 2011-12-20 03:17 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] calcitrix.livejournal.com
Heh, I think 12 was my fave (hand belongs here, lol) but I enjoyed them all!

Date: 2011-12-24 10:14 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] pe1804.livejournal.com
Can't decide which one I like best. I enjoyed them all.
Thank you for sharing.


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