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First apoligies!! I know I get too lax especially here on DW, but we're not dead and things are happening, links to LJ for poll, and info on mini-bang and Summer of Lorne Fest -04

Post on poll and mini-bang discussion

Rules and info on Round 4 Summer of Lorne

To prompt over on LJ Or here on DW

There is no limit on the number of prompts you can submit.
Submitting a prompt does NOT obligate you to claim a prompt.

Any pairing including crossovers are welcome. Please check the rules/info link above If you have any questions just ask there or here.

Please post your prompt in this format:

Lorne/(pairing/author's choice) - prompt

What can you prompt - sky's the limit - almost... exceptions: No RPS, under age, extreme kinks ie scat, water sports.

Kink, 3some/4somes, crossovers, gen, het - it’s all a go. If I didn't think of something & I have an issue with your prompt I'll let you know, privately. However I'm pretty easy going - this is about having FUN & creating more LORNE media =)

Please post prompts in comments, thank you!

I'll respond & comment back that I've got 'em as quickly as I can - please note & be patient that this will be before and after work on any given day - including today. Prompts will be accepted up until June 18th

So let’s get ready and lather on the sunscreen for some scorching hot loving Lorne, this summer =)

Date: 2012-06-05 10:41 am (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] i_want_2
Wish I could participate, but I've, you know, gotta go. Will try and keep in contact, though.


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