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May. 5th, 2011 11:12 pm
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Title: Bingo!
AUTHOR: [info]sexycazzy 
FANDOM:  Stargate Atlantis/Stargate-1
& John/Cam
SUMMARY: 8 drabbles & 2 mini-picspams
Written for [ profile] stargateland 's Multi-Media Bingo
DISCLAIMER: the recognisable characters doesn't belong to me but to the shows they belong to :(


Bingo! )
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It's April! and April is Lorne/Parrish month! There is a thing-a-thon currently posting at [ profile] parrish_lorne  so swing on by and say hi!

This is my manifesto/picspam explaining WHY I ship Lorne/Parrish. enjoy. (Manifesto orignially made for [ profile] stargateland )

Lorne and Parrish sitting in a tree... )

There you are, my 'ship. I make no appoligies for this.

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Lorne/Sheppard, yum! Photobucket

They were definitely one of my first pairings outside of McShep. SGA was the first fandom (I had already been obsessed with several other fandoms for a few years) however SGA was the first and to date the only one where I started the show from the beginning at the same time I started reading fic, and eventually writing in the fandom.

Usually I’m a late start, and start a fandom after it was cancelled or its been on for a year or two. With SGA it was different and holy crap McShep ♥ still do, and quickly immersed myself in the fic. There was SO much, but by S2 I was craving a little diversity- then Runner aired HEE!! & I had two new beautiful characters to drool over: Lorne and Ronon Dex.

a few pics )

To be honest I’m not sure which pairing came first Lorne/Sheppard or Ronon/Rodney, but they were initially my preferred pairings to separate Sheppard/McKay. It quickly turned into any combination of: Lorne, Sheppard, Ronon, Rodney.

Though I still adored McShep, the fact is they dominated the fandom and I felt some of the other characters, pairings deserved some loving.

Admittedly I’m a Pollyanna once I love a character I stick by them. Separating McShep was easy, but I had rules they still had to be friends, a team while I paired each Rodney with Ronon and Lorne with Sheppard.


For me, why Lorne/Sheppard worked, beside the pretty- because hey pretty, hot! With major drool worthiness ;) Again for me there is no absolute answer, but the SiC aspect is a big part of it. That they know and share a military background, can lean on each other and even if they’re not on a mission together, after the mission they’d see each other – or hell maybe it’s just another height thing (I have a height kink, Sheppard’s taller). So for me, they’re a pairing and it didn’t matter if Sheppard called Lorne: Major, Nick, Marc, or later Evan ♥ - they simply belonged together.

So if you haven't given them a shot, let me suggest perusing the Lorne/Sheppard tags here Also check out one of my favorite fics, it’s a few years old, but really shouldn’t be missed - its awesome! Tanlines & Dogtags by [ profile] icarusancalion

Btw, my apologies that I didn’t write anything specifically for Lorne/Sheppard (they are one of my fav pairings), but had the flu earlier this month and I’m only now starting to feel better.
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I actually intended to post this on the 1st, but best-laid plans and all.

I will admit to being a multi-shipper of epic proportions when it comes to SGA. There are times when it feels like I ship almost everyone with almost everyone else.

However, Sheppard was the first person I shipped Lorne with. And here I present two moments that really stand out to me, complete with pretty pictures.

under the cut to save your f-lists )
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My true love gave to me the rest of a massive pic spam. :)

Tao of Rodney )

The Game )

The Ark )

Sunday )

First Strike )

Doppelganger )

Travelers )

Tabula Rasa )

This Mortal Coil )

Spoils of War )

Quarantine )

The Kindred Part 1 )

The Last Man )

Search and Rescue )

Broken Ties )

The Daedalus Variations )

Inquisition )

The Prodigal )

Infection )

Enemy At The Gate )

Hope you enjoyed the pic spam :) I covered every Atlantis and SG-1 Episode EXCEPT "Road Not Taken" which I just can't pick favorites from my 600 caps. Sorry ;)
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My true love gave to me a massive pic spam :)

(Seriously, EXTREMELY pic heavy. Like I might really need to consider seeking some kind of help for my capping addiction.)

Also you might want a fan/whatever handy cause...yeah did I mention pic heavy? :)

Enemy Mine )

Runner )

Duet )

Condemned )

Conversion )

The Lost Boys )

The Hive )

The Long Goodbye )

Coup D'etat )

No Man's Land )

Oh and just because I'm not done ;) I'll be back later with the rest of the pic spam :)
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~~Merry Christmas~~

McKay/Lorne )

Lorne/Ronon )

Lorne/Radek )

Lorne/Sheppard )

Note )

I want to thank everyone who participated to share a little holiday Lorne ♥ I can only hope that when you have the opportunity you take the time to peruse the various offerings and send a little fb/thanks to those who shared. Again thank you!!

To an awesome group, I hope everyone has wonderful Lorne filled Holiday :)
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There have been a number of lovely fics posted this Lorne-ish season, so I thought I'd do something a little different and give eye candy for Christmas/other holiday of your choice/December. Who doesn't want that, right? :D I picked the episode Runner because it's Kavan's favourite and hey, I think it's pretty darn spiffy, too. And also, lots of Lorne. \o/

Unfortunately it is not very dial-up friendly, but it sure is pretty!

I skipped that course in Major school. )

Happy Holidays, all! :D
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Part 2/2 for 10th day of 12 Days of Lorne  from [profile] cadencecascade 
Title: BlowJob face 1/?
Rating: R(?)
Pairings: Lorne/Everyone
(is a really big picspam, 33 pics. Sorry dial-up ppl!)

Here in visual form is Lorne's attempt to make nice, and make out, with his new friends in Atlantis. 
ext_90: crop of 'The Morning Star' by Alphonse Mucha; woman in flowing gown with hand to forehead, painted in greens and golds (Lorne)
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Hiya -- I'm your Lorne elf for the day, but I'm running a bit late.... I *will* post something later, I promise; to tide you over until then, here's a bit of visual Lorne slashiness )
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First offering is some screen caps from No Man's Land. (One of my fave Lorne eps!)

I'm posting them now since the fic is not *quite* finished and hasn't been beta'd yet...I will post that later in the afternoon.

I got these screencaps a long time ago, they still have the SciFi logo on them. I didn't edit them at all since I figured that anyone taking them for icons or what have you would rather do that themselves. So...on to my scrapbook for 15 pages of Captain!Lorne. (might want to right click and open that link in a new window/tab so you don't have to navigate back to the LJs.)

And really....sometime after noon, US Mountain time, I'll post the fic, no matter how much is finished. :D
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Let's try & not let a day go by... help out, post anything Lorne if people are runinng behind, tis the season ♥

Hats & feet pics )

& an old drabble that I may or may not have posted, but found sitting on my hd *shrugs* More Lorne tomorrow {{HUGS!}}

Very Cool?  )
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I can't say that I'm all that happy with them, but a couple came out really nicely!

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

more Lorney goodness under here! )


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