Jun. 27th, 2011

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Hiya =)

I know I'm behind on things, but I hope a few people interested...

So instead of a poll, I'm just going to throw it all out there. If you're interested to read or write, then you need to post prompts. At the end of the week if there's enough people & prompts, then claims will open on July 5th and go to Sept 5th.

Rules & prompt post coming up next ;)
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Dates to know: Fest is opened from July 5th to Sept 5th

Rules/Info ... )
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There is no limit on the number of prompts you can submit.
Submitting a prompt does NOT obligate you to claim a prompt.

Any pairing including crossovers are welcome. Please check the Rules/info or if you have any questions, go here

Please post your prompt in this format:

Lorne/(pairing/author's choice) - prompt

I'll respond & comment back that I've got 'em as quickly as I can - please note & be patient that this will be before and after work on any given day in the next week.
So let’s get ready and lather on the sunscreen for some scorching hot loving Lorne, this summer =)

added 7-5-11
Prompts will remain open through the month- although the new prompts will not be added until Aug 1st - this is to compensate the late start. However claims are open for prompts posted prior to July 5th. Want to play? Then go and claim a prompt here.

What can you prompt - sky's the limit - almost... exceptions: No RPS, under age, extreme kinks ie scat, water sports.

Kink, 3some/4somes, crossovers, gen, het - its all a go. If I didn't think of something & have an issue with a prompt I'll let you know. However I'm pretty easy going - this is about having FUN & creating more LORNE media =)

Please post prompts in comments, thank you!


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