Nov. 30th, 2011

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Okay polls are closed, and those who participated have dictated – yes, on 12days, and yes, on wish \o/

Up next are 2 different posts – One for 12days to pick a day to lead, more about that in the post. The second post will be the wishes post.

Keep sending me ideas of things you’d like to see happen on Slashing_lorne – whether you’re a lurker, but it’s what you’d love to read/see it on the comm., or it’s what you’d love to participate in…

So far:
A comment fic meme
A monthly newsletter to round up all Lorne related work including outside sources, ie: AO3, Wraithbait, FFN, other Lorne comms.

Does something strike your fancy, have another suggestion? please let me know =)
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It's our forth year \o/

Q- I thought we didn't have to sign up to play in 12 days of Lorne?
A- Not every person does. What the sign up is, is to basically lead that day- to make sure something is about Lorne is posted. Because this year we're conjointly running wishes I'm hoping there will be enough Lorne related posts throughout. However if a day starts and there's no post, then the person leading that day will pick up the slack and post something (anything Lorne related). On the same hand if you sign up to lead say the 4th day with a little drabble, but a couple of people posted already, you can hold off and add your drabble on another day that seems to lag a post. Or you can just pick a day as a personal goal to meet and post all your granted wishes.

What is allowed )

Sign up, in comments please leave me your info:
Your Name:
Preferred day- top 3 choices:
Name your poison: Fic, art, pic spam, vid, recs, etc, or you're hoping to grant a wish

1st day, Dec 14 [ profile] rinkafic
2nd day, Dec 15 [ profile] apinkpanthress
3rd day, Dec 16
4th day, Dec 17 [ profile] fififolle
5th day, Dec 18 [ profile] nomadic_gypsy
6th day, Dec 19 [ profile] rubygirl29
7th day, Dec 20 [ profile] i_want_2
8th day, Dec 21 [ profile] mandykaysfic
9th day, Dec 22 [ profile] spacedogfl
10th day, Dec 23
11th day, Dec 24
12th day, Dec 25

Wish Lists

Nov. 30th, 2011 08:58 am
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Okay here's where you post your wish list - all comments are screened. As the wishes are posted I will collect and post them in a separate public post (tonight). So granters can get started ASAP.

You do not have to post a wish list in order to grant a wish.
You do not have to commit to fulfill a wish in order to post a wish list
You do not have to claim a wish to fulfill it.

All wishes should be posted any time during the 12 Days of Lorne

Please note not all wishes will be granted, this is not a reflection on you or the wish, but rather a gifters time and or inspiration.

The opportunity to post a wish list will remain open until Dec 15

How many wishes can I make - Let's cap it at 12 =)
What can I wish for – anything Lorne/Kavan media related: art, icons, recs, vids, graphics, fic (a particular pairing/prompt) how it relates to Lorne is up to the wisher ie: stock icons on art supplies, a sketch of Kavan… Since the wishes are screened if I have a problem or question on your wish, I’ll let you know.

Alright start writing your list and checking 'em twice then comment here =)


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